When you are facing criminal charges as a service member you could be risking your entire career. In fact, if the charges result in a blemish on your permanent military record, the consequences could impair your ability to get civilian employment or further education outside military service too. Add to this the mental anguish that you and your family members face when your reputation is stake thanks to an inquiry or court martial and the risk is simply too high. This is exactly why you need to take immediate and effective action as soon as you know that you could be facing legal issues as a service man carrying out a duty to the country. Experienced Scott AFB military defense attorney Joseph Jordan is your best ally when you need aggressive defense in such situations.


This Air Force Base, located in Illinois' St. Clair County, is one of the 32 training camps for the Air Force that were established after April 1917. It is named after Captain Frank Scott who was the very first enlisted member to lose his life in an air plane crash. Camp Scott came into being in 1917 when it was used as a training base for providing flying instruction to World War I pilots. By the time the war ended, more than 300 pilots had received their training here. In 1947 when the Air Force became a separate service, Scott Field was renamed as Scott Air Force Base.

The 375 th Air Mobility Wing is the host wing at Scott AFB. Their mission is to ensure comprehensive support via the C-21 fleet stationed here. In addition, the 375 th AMW also has Total Force Integration partnerships with the Reserve and Guard in operating C-40 and KC-135 aircraft.

Apart from this there are many critical organizations located on the base such as the U.S. Transportation Command, the 618 th Air and Space Operations center, the Air Mobility Command, Air Force Network Integration Center. As one of the four bases hosting a Reserve unit and an Air National Guard unit, Scott AFB enjoys a special place among defense establishments in the United States.


If you are facing criminal charges here, you need advice from a competent Scott AFB military defense lawyer immediately. Joseph Jordan, former service member, erstwhile Army Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps officer and Army prosecutor can give you the right kind of guidance at this juncture.

Knowing how you can protect your rights effectively and mount a defense when legal proceedings are pending against you gives you a significant advantage. You can safeguard your reputation and military record in the best way when you understand procedures and take advantage of any rebuttal/ appeal opportunities you have in a timely manner. Our Scott AFB UCMJ attorney will help you adhere to regulation and procedures while doing so.

Whether you are facing legal proceedings for minor offenses such as being absent without leave or failing to report for duty or serious charges like sexual assault or murder, an experienced Scott AFB military defense lawyer can help you collate facts in your favor and present them in the most effective way at your defense hearing. Mr. Jordan has helped many servicemen address court martial proceedings, NJP processes, Article 15 proceedings, separation or discharge proceedings, and other issues in a manner designed to safeguard their rights.

His in-depth knowledge of military law and his commitment to giving the protectors of the country the best possible legal representation make him a good choice when you need to mount a defense against legal charges at Scott AFB. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started.


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