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McConnell AFB began as Wichita Municipal Airport in 1929, which was later changed to Wichita Air Force Base in May, 1953. In 1954, it was renamed again as McConnell Air Force Base, this time in honor of the "three of a kind" brothers. Fred, Thomas and Edwin McConnell gained popularity during World War II and this base was named after them.

In 1962, the base saw the arrival of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, which flew F-100C Super Sabre and the F-105D Thunderchief. After the wing was transferred to Thailand, the 355th TFW arrived and began operations with 23th TFW, which was a replacement for the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing. The 384 ARW at McConnell AFB became the first wing to get an R model KC-135 tanker and a B-1B Lancer bomber.

McConnell AFB contributed significantly after the September 11 attacks in the US in 2001. It participated in deploying jets during Operation Noble Eagle, and tankers from this air force base were also sent off to Kyrgystan, Afghanistan and Southwest Asia for Operation Enduring Freedom.

In 2002, McConnell AFB received a new mission of flying KC-135s and the host unit was also renamed as the 184th Air Refueling Wing. This air force base has become the first one in all of United States to have all three divisions Active, Guard and Reserves, working together as a team on the same missions.

The air force base and its units have earned several awards during the World War II and later as well. These awards are called outstanding unit awards, which were mostly earned by the 22nd Air Refueling Wing.


The McConnell base is located in Wichita, Kansas. It is hosted by the 22nd Refueling Wing which is part of the Air Mobility Command. The main purpose of the wing is to provide airlift assistance and air refueling for aircrafts. The wing is trained to carry out refueling procedures anywhere in the world and in any weather conditions. The wing is also involved in the protection of the forces, mobility of the forces and in providing humanitarian aid.

Overall, the base has the strength of 5,250 employees, of which 2,700 are on active duty, 650 civilians and approximately 1,900 members of the National Guard and reservists. The base also provides assistance to around 7,240 retirees of the military.

McConnell AFB is home to the KC-135 Stratotanker, which goes on air refueling missions. It provides air refueling to the Air Force, Navy and the Marine Corps along with aircrafts belonging to other friendly nations. The base has four different groups which include the mission support group, maintenance group, medical group and operations group. The air force base was recently selected as the main base of operation for KC-46A Pegasus as it scored the highest in the criteria outlined by the Headquarters Air Force. The current KC-135 Stratotanker at the McConnell base will be replaced by the KC-46A, and the Stratotankers will be distributed among the other bases in the Air Force.

In a recent court case against A1C Michael Habbe, who is one of the military members of McConnell AFB, was accused of digitally penetrating a female airmen's vagina and touched another female's vagina while they were asleep. He was convicted of abusive sexual contact and was sentenced to four months confinement along with a discharge and a reduction in grade.


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