Top notch legal representation is just a phone call away for Luke AFB airmen. Experienced UCMJ attorney Joseph Jordan is on call for personnel here to fight for their rights in Article 15 hearings, courts martial or any other disciplinary proceedings initiated against them.

Hiring Mr. Jordan, a former service member, to fight your case gives you an immense advantage especially, since the deck is stacked against you in military proceedings. Reassure yourself of the best possible legal advice and step by step guidance by calling in our highly experienced Luke AFB military criminal defense lawyer.

Presenting the facts of the case aggressively and competently heightens the chances of proving your innocence in hearings held within the defense forces. To do so, you need the guidance and support of a qualified Luke AFB UCMJ lawyer who is fully aware of how such proceedings take place and what happens behind the scenes. Having fought for the rights of defense personnel stationed in many bases within and outside the country, Mr. Jordan is fully aware of the many obstacles that come up when representing defense personnel in such situations. Mr. Jordan is committed to uncovering the truth and equipped with in-depth knowledge of relevant laws. He can prepare you to face the prosecution confidently without weakening your case.


This air force base is named after Lt. Frank Luke Jr., the first aviator to receive the Medal of Honor. The objective of Luke air force base is to impart exemplary training to air force men, helping nurture the best F-16 fighter pilots as well as maintainers in the United States defense forces. In addition, air force fighters are always maintained at the ready for missions at the base.

The host wing at Luke AFB is the AETC's 56th Fighter Wing. Four groups with 27 squadrons, which includes 8 fighter squadrons makes up the 56th. Apart from this unit, the 56th Operations Group, the 56th Maintenance group, the 56th Mission Support group, 56th Medical group and the 944th Fighter Wing are based out of the AFB.

An interesting fact is that the 56th Fighter Wing is well known as one of the most highly decorated units in US aviation history. Time and again this unit of ace fighter pilots has proven that its association with Luke AFB, which pursues the mission to 'train fighter pilots second to none' is fully justified. The most recent addition to the base is the F-35 Lightning II, which completed its first sortie earlier this month. Additional jets will soon arrive at the base, marking a significant moment in Luke AFB's F-35 program.

International fighter pilot training is also a part of the initiatives at this base. Recently, it was announced that the Royal Australian air force's personnel will be housed here to train on the F- 35A Lightning II. The base is instrumental in building excellent global relations in the defense arena.


Whether you are facing legal proceedings under the UCMJ law, Article 31 proceedings, a court martial or non- judicial punishment, separation/discharge proceedings presenting the facts of the case that support your actions is critical. At military hearings it is imperative that your case be presented confidently and convincingly by a qualified Luke AFB military criminal defense lawyer so that you can prove your innocence and keep your military record blemish-free.

Right from the time when you are intimated about the pending proceedings you should tread very carefully so that you do not implicate yourself any further. An experienced Luke AFB UCMJ lawyer like Joseph Jordan can advise you about your rights, tell you what you can say or do at this time to strengthen your case.

Military legal proceedings can be confusing and intimidating to air force men. The inputs from a veteran legal professional like Joseph Jordan who has also been a military prosecutor, prove to be invaluable.

Call us for help to fight the charges against you. We will give you aggressive representation aimed at proving your innocence beyond doubt.


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