Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is a critical part of the United States defense forces as the largest expeditionary training facility along the West Coast. Located in North San Diego County, this base is a busy installation offering exemplary training for Marines, Army men and women, Naval officers and more.

In an active military establishment like Camp Pendleton there are bound to be incidents where service personnel are questioned, charged with misdemeanors or worse. Defense personnel facing such circumstances can rely on the competent and experienced counsel of Joseph L. Jordan, Camp Pendleton Military Criminal Defense Attorney. Whether the serviceman/ woman is facing court martial or has to address charges under Article 120 or faces a tribunal hearing, an experienced Camp Pendleton UCMJ Attorney like Mr. Jordan is an invaluable ally.


Sprawled over more than 125,000 acres in South California, Camp Pendleton is an important landmark in this location. The mountainous terrain here makes this base an ideal location to undertake training exercises. It was this feature that first attracted the attention of the Army and Marine Corps and prompted the establishment of the base here in 1942. In 1944, the camp was declared a permanent installation.

Two years later, Camp Pendleton became the home base of the 1st Martine Division. The camp is named after Major General Pendleton who was one of the first people to recommend setting up a defense establishment here.



Several critical operations, including Operation Desert Storm, that have been successfully completed in recent times can be attributed to the thorough training that the defense personnel received at Camp Pendleton.

Many special schools are also located on base including the Marine Corps University, the Assault Amphibian School Battalion and the Field Medical Service. The base is home to several Marine Corps units such as the Marine Expeditionary Force, 1st Marine Logistics Group, 1st Marine Division, Marine Corps Installation-West, Wounded Warriors Battalion-West, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Corps Air Station at Munn Field, Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity, Marine Aircraft Group 39, Marine Corps and Army Reserve Forces, the Navy's Assault Craft Unit 5. The base is also home to a Naval Hospital and the 1st Dental Battalion.

In line with the crackdown on sexual assault incidents in military establishments across the United States, stringent action is being taken in this regard at Camp Pendleton. In August a Lance Corporal was given 15 years of confinement, forfeiture of pay, dishonorable discharge as well as reduction of pay grade after he was found guilty of charges including sexual assault. Clearly, such charges can have far reaching consequences for the serviceman. It is in the best interests of all service personnel to understand their rights and to get legal advice and counsel from a competent Camp Pendleton Military Criminal Defense Attorney like Joseph Jordan. This ensures that their rights are fully protected if and when charges are brought about against them.


With a qualified, experienced Camp Pendleton Court Martial Attorney like Joseph L. Jordan as counsel, the servicemen and women can present their side of the incident clearly and effectively. Mr. Jordan’s experiencedise in aggressively representing his clients has ensured that the voice of the accused never goes unheard in any criminal proceedings, Article 120 hearings, Article 15 proceedings or any other legal procedure. His decade of experience in the U.S. Army has given Mr. Jordan complete familiarity with army life and he fully understands the pressure and stress that servicemen and women face every day. As a former Army prosecutor, he has the necessary insight to preempt the opposition in any hearing and present his client’s case in the best possible manner.

As a former Army prosecutor, he has the necessary insight to preempt the opposition in any hearing and present his client's case in the best possible manner. Call (866) 266-9381 today to get started.


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