In the United States, the only boot camp operated by the Navy can be found in Naval Station Great Lakes. It is an important recruit training command and is one of the most prestigious Naval bases in the country. However, in such high pressure situations, mistakes can occur that could lead to enlisted personnel from losing not only their reputations but also their careers. A criminal charge during training can jeopardize or even ruin your career even before you have joined the Navy. To prevent severe punishment or even discharges from the Navy, you need a highly skilled Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph L. Jordan to fight your case for you. With an experienced Military Criminal Defense Lawyer, you can rest assured that every possible angle will be covered to build up your defense.


As mentioned earlier, the Naval Station Great Lakes houses the only boot camp run by the US Navy in the country. It is located close to North Chicago in the Lake County of Illinois and includes commands like the Recruit Training Command, Navy Recruiting District Chicago and the Training Support Center. Among those who have been trained here, the Naval Station Great Lakes is often called 'The Quarterback of the Navy'.

Jarvis Hunt designed the original 39 buildings that this base is made of and they were constructed between 1905 and 1911. The Naval Station Great Lakes is so large that it is almost a small city and even has its own Fire Department, Public Works Department and the police or Naval Security Forces. The most well-known landmark here is Building 1 that is made of red brick. It is also known as the clockwork tower and is over 300 feet in height.


Although the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) list was issued in 2005, the Naval Station Great Lakes will not be closing down. On the contrary, about $800 million has been invested to build battle stations, new barracks and to upgrade the base. A reception center for families and a non-denominational chapel will also be built with this investment. The base is also part of the National Register for Historic Places.

As the only boot camp of the Navy, the Naval Station Great Lakes and its RTC or Recruitment Training Command can have up to 7000 enlisted students at any given time. Per year, 40,000 recruits pass through the RTC. This naval station is the only one that is currently active and has been so for more than 100 years.

The most important technical training command in Naval Station Great Lakes is the TSC or Training Support Center. There are six learning centers that are supported by TSC: CSS or Center for Service Support, CNL or Center for Naval Leadership, CNE or Center for Naval Engineering, CSCS or Center for Surface Combat Systems, CNEODD or Center for EOD and Dive and CPD or Center for Personal Development. There are numerous training schools located on the base too, training recruits for various careers in the Navy.

The Naval Station Great Lakes is one of the most important training centers for the US Navy and the US Military. Recruits here are always under a lot of pressure and such stressful times can lead to mistakes and crimes that are common on other bases too. Naval Station Great Lakes is doing its best to stem the epidemic of sexual assaults and its project to reduce such crimes has worked very well. Even so, the Naval Station Great Lakes is no exception and sexual assaults, UCMJ violations and conspiracy crime charges have been faced by many recruits here. This is why if you are faced with such charges, you need an experienced Military Criminal Defense Lawyer to create a watertight defense for you and to represent you aggressively. A top-notch Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph L. Jordan will help you prove your innocence in military courts.


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