Your military service is your career, your livelihood, your income. The service you have provided to this country should not be unfavorably repealed. If you are facing a separation board, you need to contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law right away. At our firm, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive only the best possible service, working with them to protect their rights, freedoms, and good military standing.

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Commanding officers will usually seek a separation from the branch you are serving under because of a criminal charge or misconduct.

Typically, calls for separation will include:

  • Poor performance
  • Excessive alcohol abuse and drug use,
  • Insubordination
  • Criminal conduct under the Uniform Military Code
  • A conviction of a crime in a civilian court

You could be also separated from your branch if you do not reach health or weight regulations addressed to you.

Prior to you being discharged from your position, you could potentially have your case heard by an administrative separation board. You may be eligible for a separation board if you have had at least six years of service, and if your dismissal is based on misconduct or accusations of homosexuality. If you are being recommended for separation from your branch, you need to contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law.


There are bases throughout the world that our service members are stationed. Our armed forces are sprinkled throughout the United States and its territories as well as Asia and the Pacific, the Americas, Africa and Europe. What makes Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law stand out among the rest of the military defense firms is that we provide representation to clients wherever they are stationed. We are proud to provide outstanding service to clients in all branches of the military and at stations throughout the world. Call today to learn more!

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