As an enlisted service member in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy or Marine Corp, the most serious form of reprimand that you can receive is a general courts martial. This type of court martial varies greatly from a special court martial or summary court martial and other non-judicial proceedings. Comparable to a civilian felony trial, a general court martial and any overseeing officers hold the potential to penalize the accused severely.

If you are found guilty of the crime that you were charged with in a general court martial proceeding, you could potentially be facing any of the following punishments:

  • Complete forfeiture of pay and allowances
  • Loss of benefits
  • Life without parole
  • Confinement for life
  • Fines
  • Pay grade reductions
  • Dishonorable discharge or bad-conduct discharge
  • Death penalty for authorized cases

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the general court martial is overseen by enlisted general officers and is often held of charges of severe crimes. The equivalent to a civilian felony trial, military general court martial proceedings are often held for those charged with serious violent crimes including rape, murder, manslaughter and high-value theft. You have a lot to lose when you are faced with a general court martial summon and you need to contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law right away.


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