When you are faced with an arrest for a military crime, it is important that you immediately work with an attorney who understands military law and the potential complications that could come from a conviction. At Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, we know that your career and future may be on the line and without the representation of an aggressive advocate, you could be facing criminal penalties, discharge, loss of rank and other disciplinary actions.

The moment you are arrested for any crime, you need to contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law right away. Our lead attorney, Joseph Jordan, has prior military experience and has actively defended clients in all branches of the military and at all bases around the world. Over the past 7 years, Attorney Jordan and his team obtained numerous victories for clients in Court Martial cases, Board of Inquiries, Administrative Separation Board hearings, Article 15 hearings, Investigations, and General Memorandum of Reprimands.

No matter where you are stationed, or what branch of the military you are serving in, if you are being charged with any of the following crimes, you need to immediately call Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law.

Military rape is a large concern for many lawmakers and commanding officers alike. This violent act is highly condemned in the military and if you have been accused of raping another military member or a civilian, you need to retain aggressive defense.

Aggravated Sexual Assault
Aggravated sexual assault holds harsh penalties for individuals who are convicted. If you are found guilty of this crime you will be dishonorably discharged and could face up to 30 years confinement or military prison and be forced to forfeit all pay.

Any person who knowingly takes another person's property or identity without their consent or knowledge or through use of force or fear will be subjected to a larceny charge. If you are found guilty you could be facing time in confinement, fines and dishonorable discharge.

Drug Crimes
Possession of drugs, sale of drugs and trafficking of drugs are all highly illegal. If you were arrested for any type of drug crime while serving in the military, you need to work with an attorney. A drug crime conviction could have you facing discharge and pay forfeiture or rank change and disciplinary actions.

Manslaughter and Attempted Murder
Manslaughter and murder are some of the most severe charges that you could be facing as a military member or a civilian. Whether the alleged incident occurred while you were on or off-duty, you could still be discharged and face immense penalties. If you were arrested, you need to act quickly and speak with a military defense lawyer.


The moment you are arrested or placed under investigation for a serious crime, you need to act quickly and retain the representation of a tenacious and understanding military defense attorney from Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law. Our firm is proud to have served military members in all branches of the military across the globe. No case is too big or too small for Attorney Jordan.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law right away and speak with a military criminal defense lawyer today.

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Joseph L. Jordan is a UCMJ lawyer who travels around the globe to represent service members in military criminal defense matters. He is an accomplished, experienced military attorney who specializes in defending ALL service members against violations of the UCMJ.