According to the Uniform Military Code of Justice Article 120, aggravated sexual assault is the crime of a person engaging in unwanted sexual conduct with another person through use of force, fear, threats or bodily harm. This crime is a lesser crime than rape, but still holds immense penalties if you are found guilty. It is important to know that if you are arrested your career, rank, military and civilian life will all be greatly changed.

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​​​​​Numerous aggravated sexual assault reports have surfaced over the last few years and the amount of evidence has demanded a reform and harsher penalties for individuals convicted of aggravated sexual assault. These incidents are not just isolated to one particular area of the military; all branches and people of all ranks could be charged with this offense.

Aggravated sexual assault is not just limited to adults over the age of 18 either - you could be charged with sexual assault of a child or aggravated sexual contact as well. If you are convicted of these charges, you could face up to 30 years in confinement with forfeiture of all allowances and military pay and be dishonorably discharged from your rank and branch of the military.


At Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, we provide representation to military personnel charged with aggravated sexual assault throughout the world. Whether you are a Marine, airman, guardsmen, solider or sailor stationed anyone in the world, you can rely on Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law to provide you with outstanding representation. We are strong advocates of defending our military and we will challenge all evidence and ensure that your side of the story is told. You have actively served your country; now let us serve you.

“I was a company commander falsely accused of sexual assault. I hired Mr. Jordan after being interrogated CID. Mr. Jordan informed me that I would very likely receive a GOMOR and to be patient and fight it during the rebuttal process. This seemed counter-intuitive to me but I put my trust in his advice and waited. After receiving the GOMOR, I worked very closely with one of his paralegals to gather statements, review material, and prepare a rebuttal. The end result was that I was rightly found innocent and the GOMOR was withdrawn and destroyed. God forbid that I ever need a lawyer in defense again while in the military, but if I do I would hire Mr. Jordan's firm without any hesitation.”

- JD

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