Larceny, or theft, is a major offense in the military and if you are charged, you could be facing serious penalties. Whether you were charged with a suspected event that happened on or off-duty, you need to contact an attorney who is not afraid to actively defend your rights and challenge evidence to derive an effective defense plan for your case.

When you work with Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, you will be working with a highly experienced military defense attorney who understands the absolute necessity to provide immediate representation to enlisted service members. As a former Army JAG officer and military member himself, Attorney Jordan can relate to the needs of his clients and will work promptly to ensure a favorable outcome is reached for clients.

According to Article 121 of the Uniform Military Code of Justice, larceny is the act of illegally taking another person's property without their knowledge or consent through use of force, fear or deception. Depending on the price and type of goods taken and the means that they were obtained by, you penalties may vary.

If you stole any property that belonged to the United States military valued at $500 or less, and you were found guilty of taking the property, you could be discharged with a bad-conduct discharge and spend time in confinement (up to 1 year) with forfeiture of pay. If the property taken was a military vehicle, aircraft, firearm, vessel or explosive, you will be dishonorably discharged and could spend up to 10 years in confinement.


When you work with Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, you will be working with an attorney who fully understands the grievances you may be suffering. Attorney Jordan served 11 years and proudly supports the military through active defense for charges that enlisted personnel may be facing. Larceny is a serious crime and individuals who are convicted may be facing courts martial, discharge and rank change or other disciplinary action.

The moment you are arrested or placed under investigation for larceny, you need to contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law right away and ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected. You have served our country and you deserve to have Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law serve you.

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