Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, there are three types of courts martial processes that an accused individual may be subjected to - a summary court martial, special court martial and a general court martial. The moment you are arrested and charged with any offense, especially as a military member, you must immediately obtain the representation of an aggressive attorney who will actively defend your rights and freedoms.

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Summary courts martial are used to try enlisted members for noncapital offenses and your proceeding will be watched over by a commissioned officer. If you are found guilty against a reasonable doubt in this proceeding, the penalties that you may be facing will depend on the grade that you hold at the time of arrest. At any level, however, you may be subjected to confinement, reduced pay grade, forfeiture of pay and discharge.

Members holding an E-4 can be reduced as drastically as an E-1, setting you back years in your advancement. A main reason that a commanding officer may wish to hold a court martial for you is because they could potentially punish you with up to 30 days in confinement, as opposed to a non-judicial punishment.


Any person could potentially be arrested for a crime and the moment that you are detained and subjected to a courts martial, you need to immediately work with Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law.

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