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  • Reassuring, Articulate, Knowledgable, Effective
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    “As a senior Captain in the Army, I was afraid I was going to lose everything I worked hard for due to alleged misconduct. It was difficult to think clearly and make sound decisions. That, in addition to not understanding UCMJ, complicated matters even more. Mr. Jordan and his team explained the law, outlined in clear language the steps in the process that were needed to be done. He was reassuring, articulate, knowledgeable and effective. Mr. Jordan made the process so much easier and gave me peace of mind in a stressful but successful outcome. Mr. Jordan was selected on recommendation from a trusted friend and was some of the "Best" advice I have ever received. Mr. Jordan is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client. I'd trust him with anything, do not hesitate to call him.”

    Captain, US Army

  • Mr Jordan is the defense attorney you need.
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    “I was charged with abusive sexual contact in the United States Army. I hired Mr Jordan and he did a full investigation and attacked the prosecution's points from all angles. Making it clear that I was not guilty and I was found not guilty of all charges. Mr Jordan was truly on top of everything and extremely knowledgeable.”


  • "Mr. Jordan & his staff are Warriors for justice!"
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    “My son was accused of Abusive Sexual Contact. Thanks to the politically motivated times we live in, the government wanted to make my son an example. Mr. Jordan and his team conducted their own investigation finding the TRUTH! During cross-examination, the alleged victim admitted she was a liar and was caught in several other lies. My son was found NOT GUILTY of ALL charges. Had it not been for Mr. Jordan and his staff, I believe my son would have been "railroaded" to appease the politically correct environment.”

    James C.

  • Mr. Jordan is “Buena Onda”
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    “I am writing to share a word of appreciation and deep recognition on the name of my family, for the work you did in all the court proceedings regarding my son. The work you did the past few days in the court and the successful representation prove to my son and me that we were not wrong when we read your post on the internet. As soon as we read about you and saw the different videos you have, we said this is the man. My son was impressed by your skills as a lawyer and I asked him if there was a highlight moment in this process that impacted him the most and he said that I knew that for the last nine or ten months he was under lot of pressure and told me that at that moment was; when he saw you for the first time in Germany, and for some reason all the anguish disappeared. That was his highlight moment. We thank you Mr. Jordan and I must finish with a Spanish sentence my son used in reference to you, he said Mr. Jordan is “Buena Onda” that means you are real cool. Thank you again and you have a friend in Mexico.”


  • You need Jordan and his team!
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    “Let Jordan and his team fight for you! I'm a female Air Force officer who was wrongly accused in 2015 by someone who sought reprisal. I felt alone, as some of my leadership turned their backs on me. I finally took the matter into my hands, as I felt no one wanted to hear the truth or my side of the story. I was deeply saddened and extremely depressed to the point I was having suicidal ideations because I knew I had always done the right thing and worked long/countless hours in an organization that later ostracized me. I didn't understand why this was happening to me. I reached out to Jordan and his team contacted me promptly. Everyone from his office manager, Patti, to his paralegals, Barbara and Tasha, made me feel completely safe and I trusted to tell them, FINALLY, my side of the story. With their expertise, they all gave me solid advice and informed me of what I should expect moving forward. It wasn't until Jordan and his team stood by my side and fought for me, that I was freed from the accusations. My leadership gave me a lesser type of counseling. I had my name, life, career, and promotion on the line. That was enough for me to fight and stand up for what was right. The Air Force preaches and teaches integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. But, unfortunately it only takes one upset and disgruntled person to make false accusations against you. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to seek legal counsel and fast. Let Jordan and his team protect you, speak for you, and fight for you. You don't need to feel alone and defenseless. Thank you Jordan, Barbara, Tasha, and Patti for taking great care of me. You all are awesome! I pray for your continued success and giving the voiceless a voice and hope again.”

    Female Air Force Officer

  • Mr. Jordan is THE attorney to retain.
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    “I'm extremely happy in my decision to hire Mr. Jordan. I was called in for questioning regarding allegations of assault and cruelty and maltreatment. I was eventually charged at a special court martial. Mr. Jordan skillfully negotiated with the government to reduce the case to a summary court martial. While I was facing a bad conduct discharge and a year in confinement, I walked away from the case with merely a reduction to E-4 and was eventually separated with a general discharge under honorable conditions. Mr. Jordan was extremely responsive to my questions during this process, and did not sugarcoat anything in order to allow me to make informed decisions throughout the life of the case. Due to his advocacy, I am able to go on and obtain meaningful civilian employment. Thank you Mr. Jordan!”

    Prior Client

  • Mr. Jordan is the lawyer you need to hire!
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    “I was under investigation for article 120 rape. I searched for lawyers online & came across Mr. Jordan's page. I called him very early on a Sunday morning & we spoke briefly about my case, I decided to hire him based on the other cases he had won. I was glad I did - he flew out to Germany & did an extremely exceptional job on my case & now I can go on with my military career. Mr. Jordan is the lawyer you need to hire, he is aggressive & well educated when it comes to handling military cases.”

    SFC D.

  • It is with great appreciation and respect that I highly recommend Mr. Joseph Jordan.
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    “Sexual Assault I retained Mr. Joseph Jordan to defend my son, who was falsely accused of sexual assault. Through his experience, vast knowledge and sincere dedication, Mr. Jordan successfully saved my sons (life) and military career by achieving a verdict of NOT GUILTY. It is with great appreciation and respect that I highly recommend Mr. Joseph Jordan, Defense Attorney, he IS the Professional Choice, and our family could never thank him enough.”

    Joseph P.

  • The best lawyer that I know!
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    “Joseph handled my Military Law matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. The best lawyer that I know. Thank you, Mr. Jordan. You got me great results.”


  • Mr. Jordan's team did a great job representing me.
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    “Mr. Jordan's team did a great job representing me. They made sure that my voice was heard and that my interests were their first priority. I am so grateful that they were able to assist me in ensuring that I am able to continue to serve without any blemishes on my record. They really dedicated all of the time I could ask for in helping me.”

    Roland C.

  • Mr. Jordan and his team did an outstanding job during my court-martial.
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    “Mr. Jordan and his team did an outstanding job during my court-martial. They provided exemplary legal advice, which resulted in a most agreeable verdict. Mr. Jordan and his team ensured that I was treated fairly and he defended all aspects of the case. Moreover, Mr. Jordan ensured I maintained the appropriate rank, all entitlements, and continued my military service. I would recommend Mr. Jordan and his legal team for any military legal matters. Thank You Again!”

    Cristi Murphy

  • He saved me time and undue stress.
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    “Mr. Jordan and his legal team assisted with my GOMOR and ensured that I not only received fair treatment but resulted in a much more manageable incident. Their experience in trial defense matters gave me confidence and assurance throughout the process. I believe that had I not contacted Mr. Jordan's team when I did the ongoing investigation would have continued for many more months. He saved me time and undue stress. I would recommend the use of Joseph Jordan to anyone I know for all trial defense services.”


  • With their help, I am able to prove that I am an excellent soldier that deserves to stay in the military.
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    “I recently had requested Mr. Jordan and his legal team to help prepare a defense for my article 15 reading. With their help, I was able to be retained in the army with an opportunity to earn my stripes back. They did not impose extra duty or restriction. With their help, I am able to prove that I am an excellent soldier that deserves to stay in the military.”


  • His tactical approach had a gentleman’s twist to it and it impressed the judge.
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    “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” A direct quote from Gladiator, with Russell Crowe. This was basically the theme for my trial. This case was a ten-month ordeal I would never wish on my enemies. The few I have.... There were many wrongs against me from the start, during the preliminary investigation, and in trial. I should have hired Mr. Jordan when the convening authority went against my Article 32 recommendation. I am sure that Mr. Jordan would have kept it out of court, had he been involved earlier. The results of the 32 stated that it was unethical to pursue charges against me at a General Court Martial (GCM). Everyone disregarded and overlooked this important recommendation except for my military defense team. Mr. Jordan, a man of his word, was very professional and determined at the same time. He literally had the prosecution do an about face and regroup. He was poking holes in their case every time they stood up to address the court. We wasted more time waiting on the prosecution than with the trial. My two-day trial ended up being four days. Mr. Jordan related to my family and basically became a part of it during his stay here. His tactical approach had a gentleman’s twist to it and it impressed the judge. This gave my wife and me a piece of mind that was priceless. He explained everything that was going on to us, which made us less nervous. As a first-timer in court, it really made a difference for us. The conviction ended up being the charges that are fit at a Summary Court Martial, not a GCM. The military wasted their time, resources and money at a GCM on these malicious charges. When Mr. Jordan was finished with the prosecution, everyone was certain that my case shouldn’t have gone that far and that it was overkill. I was hoping for a better outcome but because of Mr. Jordan, I was saved from becoming a registered sex offender, any brig time, and he strengthened my marriage. Outstanding Mr. Jordan!!! Thanks again!!”

    Mike W.

  • I called and he went quickly to work on my case.
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    “I was facing a field grade article 15. I have been in the military for 17 years and this could ruin my career. One of my battle buddies suggested that I get a military lawyer for this case. I then began looking online for military lawyers and calling around. I discovered Mr. Jordan's website. I called and he went quickly to work on my case. He gave me guidance and the case went from a field grade article 15 to a summarized article 15 and was given a verbal reprimand. Thanks, Mr. Jordan for your support!”


  • You truly showed your expertise in military law throughout my investigation.
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    “Thank you for your hard work and dedication in defending me against the government's unfounded allegations. You truly showed your expertise in military law throughout my investigation. While reviewing my military records I found that I was being investigated by OSI, which could result in jail time and a dishonorable discharge. After making a few phone calls Mr. Jordan came highly recommended to me by a friend who had hired him for a similar case. Mr. Jordan advised I invoke my Article 31 rights and remain silent. During my initial interview, OSI told me I would need to provide a DNA sample, which I did not feel comfortable with. After speaking to Mr. Jordan about their request he promptly contacted OSI and made them present him with the regulations that gave them the authority to collect my DNA. From this point forward I heard nothing from the military side about my investigation, which was very unnerving not knowing what was going to happen to my military career. This investigation was part of a witch hunt where the government was looking for a scapegoat to take the fall for several unfounded allegations. I would speak with Mr. Jordan once every couple of weeks about my case, and he would always offer me reassurance about the situation. Mr. Jordan consistently contacted base legal to ask what my status was and fight to have the investigation against me dropped. This investigation prevented me from re-enlisting and receiving a hefty bonus. Just one week prior to my bonus expiring I was presented with an LOR and the investigation was over, and I was able to reenlist and receive my bonus. I know that my investigation ended on a positive note for me because of Mr. Jordan's hard work and dedication, if it were not for him repeatedly contacting legal I believe they would have let this case drag on for many more months. Mr. Jordan saved my career and my name while ensuring I received my bonus. He comes highly recommended.”


  • He is extremely well qualified and knowledgeable – especially with the military legal system.
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    “I am a forensic toxicologist and I worked with Mr. Jordan as an expert on two cases. He is extremely well qualified and knowledgeable – especially with the military legal system with his experience as a former Army attorney. I recommend him highly if you need a hardworking and dedicated attorney to assist you.”

    E. Howard T.

  • He is a passionate, energetic, and skilled attorney.
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    “As a forensic psychologist, I worked with Mr. Jordan and was delighted to be part of his defense teams. An expert in his own right, he displayed an excellent understanding of how to make best use of the members of his team in crafting the defense and creating an effective collaborative environment. He is a passionate, energetic, and skilled attorney that I would highly recommend and would enjoy working within the future.”

    James M. M.

  • He is meticulous, highly professional, efficient and effective.
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    “As a forensic nurse, I have worked with several civilian and military attorneys over the past 10 years. Joseph Jordan is by far one of the best attorneys I’ve encountered. He is meticulous, highly professional, efficient and effective. Mr. Jordan enjoys the challenge of each trial and utilizes expert witnesses to their fullest ability. He is not looking for “yes people”; he wants the experts to challenge him and understands their contribution to his cases. Mr. Jordan’s work ethic is top notch. I enjoy working with him and would not hesitate to work with him at any time. I strongly recommend Joseph Jordan to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.”

    Lovette R.

  • Very professional and extremely dedicated to providing the best defense to his client.
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    “I worked with Mr. Jordan as a forensic consultant and he was very professional and extremely dedicated to providing the best defense to his client. To that end, he assembled a team of very experienced and highly qualified experts and worked very hard in his preparation for trial. I think Mr. Jordan has two distinct qualities that separate him from the majority of defense attorneys that I have worked within the past – 1) how he engages and utilizes his team of experts throughout the pre-trial and trial process and 2) how well he relates to the jury. I believe these qualities along with his knowledge of the law and natural abilities to adapt to “game time” issues in the courtroom allow Mr. Jordan to provide superior defense services to his clients.”

    Dean A. W.

  • Joseph took the bull by horns and single handedly saved my family members career and secured his already upstanding reputation.
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    “It is has been my experience that one does not walk through life without at one time or another having to face the graver circumstances of life regarding his or herself, or a family member or loved one.There are but a few individuals who have dedicated their lives and professional practice to see that the rights of the individual and the accused are defended and upheld as our unwavering Constitution of the United States promises. I recently had a family member accused of a crime. Through my research, I was fortunate enough to make contact with attorney Joseph Jordan. I have worked in criminal defense as an Investigator and mitigation specialist for seventeen years. For the first time, I had to experience the reality of how high the stakes are for all involved in a criminal legal action as a family member. Joseph took the bull by horns and single handedly saved my family members career and secured his already upstanding reputation.Thank you once again, Joseph Jordan.”

    Troy G.

  • Mr. Jordan was concerned for my well-being and was the first person that brought me calm in my time of need.
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    “Mr. Jordan represented me in my court appearance, where I was wrongly accused of a crime, in which my livelihood, retirement, and freedom were in jeopardy. Our first meeting was thorough and in-depth and we discussed my case for 90 minutes, only later did I find out that he was at his wedding rehearsal. This shows that his dedication to his clients is extraordinary. He could have easily asked what the facts were in the case and set up an appointment the following week when it was more convenient for him. Mr. Jordan was concerned for my well-being and was the first person that brought me calm in my time of need. He was confident, dedicated, diligent, and worked long hours, and was committed to ensuring justice was done. I most heartily recommend Mr. Jordan as a defense attorney, he not only won my case but I feel I have made a lasting friend.”


  • I wanna thank you again for all you’ve done.
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    “Mr. Jordan, I wanna thank you again for all you’ve done for me and getting me back to my family…”

    Former Client

  • We greatly appreciate his capabilities and his genuine concern for our son’s best interest.
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    “After observing the Article 32 hearing in our son’s sexual assault case, we knew that we would not rely on an Army appointed attorney. Joseph Jordan was able to disentangle the intricacies of the evidence that the prosecution presented as proof of guilt. We greatly appreciate his capabilities and his genuine concern for our son’s best interest by obtaining a “not guilty” decision by the jury.”


  • Mr. Joseph Jordan is an aggressive no-nonsense attorney who truly had my best interest in mind.
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    “Mr. Joseph Jordan is an aggressive no-nonsense attorney who truly had my best interest in mind. Mr. Jordan brought a team and a wealth of knowledge to the fight of my life. After he got to know me he understood me, he believed in me and supported me with the best defense. On the flip side of that, I listened to Mr. Jordan, believed in Mr. Jordan, and trusted Mr. Jordan. Joseph Jordan knows the military law, cares about Soldiers, and will represent you as he did me, with the greatest amount of dedication and support to your specific issue. I would recommend Mr. Joseph Jordan to everyone needing representation for a military Court Martial. He truly cares about you, his client!!!!”


  • Thank you so much for your dedication, honesty, sincerity and hard work.
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    “Mr. Jordan, I would like to tell you again thank you so much for your dedication, honesty, sincerity and hard work. I know you worked more hours and far harder than any other attorney I could have hired. Without your expertise, knowledge, and dedication, I know I would not be in the position I’m in today, and for that, I’m forever thankful. For anyone reading this review, I will give you a brief synopsis of this case. I was recalled off terminal leave, was told OSI needed to talk with me, given a no-contact order, then was given a cubicle to sit in. I spent hours researching civilian attorneys experienced in military law and kept my mouth shut. The military will appoint a defense attorney to represent you. Why not use a military-appointed defense attorney? They cant really help you unless you are formally charged. Do some research and you’ll find that they are swamped with cases and understaffed. The prosecution, on the other hand, is well equipped to bring the full force of the government against you. Your appointed defense attorney is at a disadvantage, and this is no accident. After two weeks, OSI had still not contacted me, my commander denied knowledge of what was transpiring and the icing on the cake was an email from AFPC saying my retirement was canceled. I immediately called Joseph Jordan. He immediately advised me to not speak with anyone, got the number of my commander and called him to find out what was going on. The commander was not forthcoming with information to Mr. Jordan on the particulars of my case. Mr.Jordan called the prosecution. They wouldn’t say anything either. Ten months, while still under a no-contact order, the government preferred charges. I was charged with violation of Art 81, Art 132 (2 specifications) and Art 134 (3 specifications). I was looking at 28 years, Dishonorable Discharge, reduction to E-1 and total forfeitures of all pay and allowances. Everything I had worked for over 20 years could be stripped from me including my retirement. Mr. Jordan suggested we retain a USAF ADC to assist in this complex case. To ensure the government's advantage was not unmatched, Mr. Jordan knew just who to call–a friend and colleague he had went to law school with–Capt Robert Crayne. The Art 32 investigation was a joke. Mr. Jordan knew the government had already made its mind up to go to trial, and the Art 32 was a formality. Rather than fight, Mr. Jordan and Capt Crayne used the Art 32 to our advantage, finding out the governments theory and strategy in this case. He had his own idea how the government was going to proceed, and they proceeded exactly how he thought they would. Mr. Jordan’s previous years of experience were shining through. From the Art 32 until the trial, Mr. Jordan put in countless hours over weeks unraveling the complexities of the case. Pouring over hundreds of pages of documents, interviewing current and former employees–understanding and exposing contractors corrupt accounting practices–Mr. Jordan was able to understand, then decipher exactly what was happening. Mr. Jordan and Capt Crayne knew and were ready to defend their theory on the case. The prosecution team for my trial was the same team that prosecuted one of my alleged co-conspirators, furthering the government's advantage. At trial, the government stacked the deck with LtCol’s and Majors making up the majority of those sitting on the panel. One of the commanders had knowledge of the case–he was friends with my commander. Mr. Jordan exposed this prosecution-friendly panel member. The government witnesses were all, conveniently, granted immunity; yet another difficult obstacle to overcome. I’d been isolated from everyone for 461 days, now all these people testifying against me have immunity. During the trial, the government was sure I was conspiring with the contractor, filing false invoices and scamming money from the government, using it for my own personal gain, and refused to believe anything else. The governments’ approach was to overwhelm the panel with hundreds of pages of documents shoved into their faces with one explanation–”He signed incorrect invoices!” over and over and over again. Mr. Jordan was able to calmly explain to the panel what exactly was going on and make sense out of the documents showing there was no fraud and no theft–just accounting errors on the part of the contractors inexperienced and self-trained bookkeeper. He exposed government contractings’ poor practices, failure to educate people on contracts, failure to train people on contracts, and failure to follow up and manage their contracts. Mr. Jordan exposed OSI’s tactics which are just to look for enough evidence to convict the client. He showed where agents were given information yet refused to follow up on it. He exposed their poor investigation techniques, withholding of information and outright lack of attention to detail. While the prosecution was presenting their closing arguments, which amounted to repeating the same thing again and again, just a little bit louder each time, Mr. Jordan identified incorrect information in their PowerPoint presentation. When it was Mr. Jordan’s turn for closing arguments, he actually used the governments slide against them, exposing their inaccuracies and flaws in their theory of the case. Pretty embarrassing for the prosecution. During the findings portion of the case, I was found guilty of obstructing justice and soliciting others to obstruct justice. These charges stemmed from me trying to “make things right”. In the eyes of the law, if you try to do the right thing you are guilty of obstructing justice. When all the government witnesses have immunity, you’re fighting an almost unwinnable battle. Now I was looking at 10 years, Dishonorable Discharge, reduction to E-1 and total forfeitures of all pay and allowances. At sentencing, the government asked for 8 months confinement, reduction to E-4 and a Bad Conduct Discharge. This sentence would leave me with nothing. Mr Jordan and Capt Crayne presented an excellent sentencing package to the panel. The panel returned with a one grade reduction rank and a reprimand. My retirement benefits were saved. In clemency, this sentence could be reduced further. Joseph Jordan is a great man and one hell of a lawyer. I’m proud to call him a friend. He is undaunted and unfazed by the governments ability to stack the deck against his defense of a client. He will investigate and find the governments weaknesses and expose them in the courtroom. His experience allows him to tell your story and explain the truth to the panel in a manner they will understand, something that the prosecution will not do. If you ever have legal trouble within the UCMJ, shut your mouth, say nothing, and call Joseph Jordan.”


  • The best lawyer that I know!
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    “Joseph handled my Military Law matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. The best lawyer that I know. Thank you, Mr. Jordan. You got me great results.”


  • He is a very professional and reasonable Attorney.
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    “Joseph handled my Sexual Harassment matter. I have previously worked with no lawyers. I was going through an accusation and had called Mr. Jordan for assistance. He explained everything to me in full detail. He is a very professional and reasonable Attorney.”


  • Best civilian and military defense counsel team
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    “Mr. Jordan and Captain Crayne are the best civilian and military defense counsel team I have ever seen in courts-martial.”

    A Senior Air Force Military Judge

  • He ensured my son was given a fair sentence.
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    “My son faced a summary court-martial. Joseph Jordan did his homework. He fought hard for my son. He ensured my son was given a fair sentence. Most importantly, he ensured my son did not receive a dishonorable discharge.”

    Prior Client

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