Located in the area where the Wright Brothers established the very first flying school in the US, Maxwell AFB continues to make a name for itself for innovation in aircraft and air power training. Today, more than 12000 personnel call this base their home. Integrity and excellence are a core aspect of the lives of all airmen in Maxwell AFB. However, there are situations where personnel have to face charges for misdemeanors.

When there is strong evidence that a serious offense has been committed, the legal process may be escalated to a court martial, leaving a permanent blemish on the serviceman's record or result in separation or dishonorable discharge. In such circumstances it is best to depend on an experienced Maxwell AFB military criminal defense attorney like Joseph Jordan for effective and impactful representation.


Maxwell AFB is well known for the Air University which is located here at the base. As a key component of exemplary education and training for air force personnel, this is the United States Air Force's main center for professional military education. Training is given here from pre-commissioning to specialized professional courses to match the needs of the air force. Ever since the Army Air Corps Tactical School moved here in the 1930's, Maxwell AFB has been the intellectual center of aircraft skills development and academic training.

The host installation at Maxwell AFB is the 42nd Air Base Wing and it is responsible for operating world class facilities here while also helping nurture mission-ready air force personnel. Tenant units include the 908th Airlift Wing, Air Force Space Command, Air Force Material Command and the Defense Information Systems Agency apart from 40 other units. The base also hosts several important events. Recently the 61st Secretary of Air Force National Security Forum was held here. About 150 distinguished civilians attended the event.


The air force has had its share of negative publicity in the past especially, after the increased focus on instances of sexual harassment within the ranks. Even those in the highest levels of hierarchy within the air force may face serious legal repercussions. This has been amply proved in the case of Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin. The general stepped down from his post as the commanding officer at the Third Air Force after the controversy about his alleged 'mishandling' of two sexual assault cases. Earlier, he had faced much negative publicity after he overturned a jury conviction of a fighter pilot who had been charged with sexual assault.

Given that even the high command within the air force is not safe from intense scrutiny in such situations, personnel at lower levels should ensure that they get advice and guidance from an experienced Maxwell AFB military criminal defense lawyer when they face legal issues.

A court martial can have some serious and long standing repercussions on the career of an air force man. All disciplinary proceedings do not leave a blemish on the service, record but they may still create an unfavorable opinion of the individual among higher officials. To ensure that the individual's innocence is proved beyond doubt, it is imperative that a highly experienced and skilled Maxwell AFB UCMJ lawyer is fighting for his rights. Mr. Joseph Jordan has provided his aggressive representation skills to many air force men stationed in the US and outside helping them present the facts of their case with confidence as well as conviction.


Having served as an Army prosecutor, Maxwell AFB UCMJ lawyer Joseph Jordan has the in- depth understanding of the military legal processes to present your case forcefully and convincingly. Although based in Texas, he has represented defense personnel from all parts of the country and abroad. When you are facing Article 15 hearings, court martial, or other kinds of disciplinary action, Mr. Jordan can give you valuable advice on what you should do and how you should respond to the proceedings without implicating yourself in any way.

Committed to giving compassionate and completely objective legal guidance as well as support, Mr. Jordan represents a lifeline for you in your time of crisis. Call (866) 361-4723 today to get started.


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