Reputation is of the utmost importance to military personnel. Enlisted personnel stand the chance of not only losing their careers when faced with criminal charges, but also face the risk of being dishonorably discharged or even serving a prison sentence. It is very important that you get an experienced Wright-Patterson AFB Military Criminal Defense Attorney to present your side of the story aggressively when you are facing sexual assault, UCMJ violations, misdemeanors and other criminal charges. Enlisted personnel need top-notch lawyers like Joseph L. Jordan, Wright-Patterson AFB Military Criminal Defense Lawyer, who are committed to proving the innocence of their clients.


The Wright-Patterson AFB is located in Ohio to the east of Dayton, in the counties of Montgomery and Greene. The Wright-Patterson AFB is so named because it includes the fields of Patterson and Wright. The fields were originally known as Wilbur Wright Field and Aviation General Supply Depot. The Wright-Patterson AFB started out as Wilbur Wright Field that was officially opened on 22nd May, 1917 and with the establishment of McCook Field in November, 1917. In those days, the Wilbur Wright Field was utilized as a flying field and testing as well as aviation experiments were conducted at McCook. In the year 1931, Wilbur Wright Field was renamed as Patterson Field.

The Wright-Patterson AFB has been dubbed the as one of the most diverse, largest and organizationally complex Air Force bases. This base has a long history of testing aircraft that spans from the days of the Wright brothers to the modern Space Age.


The Wright-Patterson AFB is the headquarters of one of the major commands of the United States Air Force – the Air Force Materiel Command. The air force base is also home to the one of the biggest USAF Medical Center or hospital, the National Museum of the USAF (formerly called the US Air Force Museum) and the Air Force Institute of Technology. The Wright-Patterson AFB is also home to various units or wings of the Air Force such as the 445th Airlift Wing.

This wing flies C-17 Globemaster heavy airlifter aircrafts. The Aeronautical Systems Center and the Air Force Research Laboratory are also headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB. Another major unit housed at the Wright-Patterson AFB is the 88th Air Base Wing that consists of over 5000 enlisted officers, enlisted personnel and contractor as well as civilian employees. They are responsible for operating installations, deploying air force personnel to support the war against terrorism on a global scale and defending the base and all the people that is houses.

The 88th Air Base Wing also consists of the 88th Communications Group, 88th Comptroller Squadron, 88th Air Base Wing Staff Agencies, 88th Security Forces Squadron, 88th Medical Group, 88th Mission Support Group and 88th Civil Engineer Squadron. The Wright-Patterson AFB also has numerous Tenant Units.

The Wright-Patterson AFB has had its share of controversies. Most recently, Lt. Col Reginald W. Kabban was accused of raping a girl two times in 2011 in Centerville when she was a minor aged 13. The victim is a relative of Kabban's who accused him of sexually and physically assaulting her from 2005 to 2011. After lengthy proceedings, Kabban was acquitted of all charges. This just shows that you need an excellent Wright-Patterson AFB Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph Jordan when you face such serious charges, as he can represent you aggressively.


Joseph L. Jordan is exactly the kind of Wright-Patterson AFB Military Criminal Defense Attorney you need when you are facing charges of sexual assault, UCMJ violations or that of conspiracy. Even though he is based in Texas, he has represented clients from various air force bases across the country and abroad as well as Wright –Patterson Air Force Base. His 11 years of service in the armed forces gives him a unique perspective and important insight, which helps him provide excellent civilian military defense counsel.

He will present your side of the story accurately and will defend you aggressively if you face charges as enlisted personnel. You can also get free case evaluations from Mr. Jordan. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started.


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