Soldiers are more disciplined than civilians because it is ingrained into them during their training. There is also a high premium on honor, chivalry and respect in the armed forces. The incidence of crime in the military is less, but it nevertheless occurs across bases and Caserma Ederle is no exception.

If you have been accused of committing a crime in Caserma Ederle, and if you are facing non judicial punishments or even a court martial, you have the right to engage the services of a military criminal defense attorney. If you are looking for an aggressive Caserma Ederle military defense attorney, who can put on a stiff legal defense, please contact Joseph Jordan.

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The Vicenza Military Community consists of many military installations. One of them is Caserma Ederle. The base is named after a famous Italian war hero from the 1 st World War, Major Carlo Ederle.

In 1955, in response to the Soviet threat, the USASETAF (U.S Army Southern European Task Force) was activated at Camp Darby. Shortly later, the headquarters was transferred to Verona. In 1965, it was moved to Caserma Ederle, which was then an Italian post.


SETAF was tasked with the defense of the Alpine passes in the east, in the event of an invasion by the Soviets and commandeering of the nuclear weapons stored in northern Italy.

In 1963, Caserma Ederle became home to the 5 th Battalion (deactivated in 1975). During the 1980s, the Blue Falcons (specialists in airfield seizures) of the 82 nd Airborne Division were based at Caserma Ederle. For a time, the 45 th Field Hospital was also located here.

The 1 st Battalion of the 508 th Infantry Regiment operated out of Caserma Ederle from 1966. The 1 st Battalion was later transferred to the 503 rd Infantry Regiment in 2006.


Caserma Ederle is the headquarters of the 173 rd Airborne Brigade and the United States Army Africa (USASETAF). The U.S Army Garrison Vicenza is also headquartered here.

The United States Army Africa provides disaster relief, crisis response and humanitarian assistance in Africa. The USASETAF is a component of the United States Africa Command or AFRICOM.

The U.S Army Garrison at Camp Darby has been downgraded to a sub garrison (Darby Military Community) and it will now report to the U.S Army Garrison Vicenza located at Caserma Ederle.

In 2005, a soldier from the 173 rd Airborne Brigade was charged with rape. He contested not guilty but in the trial he was held guilty by a military judge. He was sentenced to prison (for a year), lost all his allowances and pay, his rank was reduced (to the lowest E-1) and he also received a dishonorable discharge.

In 2006, non-judicial action under Article 15 was taken against four soldiers stationed at Caserma Ederle for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. That same year, two other soldiers faced court martial for alcohol and drug related crimes while another faced court martial for disregard of duty and being absent without permission. If these cases were handled by a more aggressive and experienced court martial attorney, perhaps the outcome would have been different.


A strong legal defense is your best chance at preventing a conviction if you are accused of committing a crime when you are in the military. The military will provide you with legal representation, but it may not be enough to save you. A civilian military defense attorney, especially one who has served in the armed forces himself, can bring a fresh perspective to your case.

Joseph Jordan has served in the armed forces for many years. He is a former JAG lawyer and an army prosecutor. He has served as legal counsel to many enlisted men and women on their military cases. He provides legal representation in military crimes such as drug crimes, larceny, sexual assault, rape, adultery, solicitation, pandering and more. You can depend on him to provide top notch legal help as your Caserma Ederle UCMJ lawyer.

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