The quality of legal defense you put up during your military crimes trial matters a lot. It could be the fine line that separates an acquittal from a conviction. If you have been accused of a military crimes like rape, aggravated sexual assault, drug crimes, obstruction of justice, attempted murder, adultery, larceny or any other crime, the legal services of an experienced and aggressive UCMJ lawyer are indispensable.

If you an enlisted member of the US Air force who is serving in Aviano Air Base, and if you are accused of committing a crime, contact Joseph Jordan, who is an Aviano Air Base military defense attorney, for legal assistance.


Aviano Air Base, Campoformido Airfield and Merna Airfield are together called the 'Cradle of the Italian Air Force.'

This air base was set up by the government of Italy in 1911. It was used to train Italian pilots and as a facility to manufacture aircraft parts. During the 1st World War, the air base was used to launch air strikes against the German and Austro-Hungarian armies. Two Italian pilots, Lieutenant Luigi Gori and Captain Maurizio Pagliano conducted a daring, unauthorized air strike against the Austrians at Pola (now located in Croatia) on May 10, 1916. The raid was successful and in 1919, the Italians honored them by naming the airfield as Aeroporto Pagliano e Gori.


During the 2nd World War, the air base was used by the German Luftwaffe and the Italian Air Force to launch air strikes against the Allies. Aviano Air Base was severely damaged during the war because of Allied bombing.

The British finally captured the air base in 1945 and they continued to use it until 1947. The base was so severely damaged that it was many years before the air base could be brought back to operational status. The Italian Air Force later assumed operational control over the air base in 1947.

In 1954, a joint use agreement was signed between the Italian Air Force and the U.S Air Force and the air base was brought into the NATO family of air bases. The air base was home to the 401st Fighter Wing between 1992 and 1994. The 401st Fighter Wing was inactivated in 1994 and it was replaced by the 31st Fighter Wing, which moved here from Homestead Air Base in Florida.


Aviano Air Base is primarily a NATO air base and it hosts the United States Air Force in Europe's (USAFE) only fighter wing, south of the Alps. The air base is in a strategic location and is therefore critical to NATO's operations.

The 31st Fighter Wing contains two squadrons of F-16C aircraft- the 555th FS and the 510th FS. The 555th FS is an air control squadron. The 510th FS provides operational support. The 31st Air Wing also consists of the 31st Mission Support Group, 31st Operations Group, the 31st Maintenance Group and the 31st Medical Group.

Many countries of the former Eastern Block have recently joined the NATO and the EU. The 31st Air Wing has been working with the air forces of these countries to integrate them into the NATO family. Personnel from the 31st Fighter Wing have visited Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria for training exercises.

Joseph Jordan has worked with many enlisted members stationed abroad, on their military crimes cases, including some from Aviano Air Base and has proved to be a successful military defense lawyer.


In his former career as a JAG lawyer, Joseph Jordan has seen many cases where there was a chance to save an enlisted member from conviction , if only the defense had been more aggressive.

If you are accused of a crime and made to stand trial, you will be given the services of a JAG lawyer. JAG lawyers are all highly talented lawyers because the military selects only the best. But sometimes, they are not able to do justice to a case, because they may be overburdened with work or because they do not have sufficient staff to help them.

It is your career and honor that is on the line. Considering this, you might be better served by a civilian attorney. Joseph Jordan can also provide legal representation if you are facing a court martial or non judicial proceedings under Article 15.

For a free case evaluation and consultation from an Aviano Air Base UCMJ attorney, please contact Joseph Jordan today.


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