Members of the armed forces put their lives at risk to serve the rest of us. Unfortunately, their own rights are sometimes treated inconsiderately during the course of a court-martial or criminal investigation. The services of a UCMJ lawyer in such situations is invaluable. Joseph L. Jordan, a former serviceman and well-regarded RAF Lakenheath court-martial attorney has over eleven years of experience successfully defending airmen, soldiers, marines and coast guardsmen across a number of punitive articles of the UCMJ. Mr. Jordan is aggressive in his approach and committed to telling his client's side of the story in a way that compels the court to reconsider charges in question.


Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath is based in the town of Lakenheath, Suffolk in England. It is the site of the U.S Air Force units and personnel. 48 th Fighter Wing or the Liberty Wing is the host wing at the station, and assigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE).

The 48 th Bombardment Group was activated by the Army Air Corps in January 1941. In the first two years of its existence, the group and its squadrons went through several transfers and re-designations to meet the operational needs of the Air Corps.


The 48 th Fighter Wing at the base is the only USAF wing with both a name and a number. It is regarded as one of the USAFE's premier fighter wings and has spent more than 50 years as part of this U.S Air Force component. The 48 FW has over 5,000 active duty military members, and more than 2,000 U.S and British civilian members. The 492d, 493d and 494 th Fighter Squadrons are the tactical squadrons of the 48 th Operations Group.

The 48 th Fighter Wing has supported Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Air Force's global operations.


RAF Leavenworth has a strong sense of community evident in the many events, public affairs support programs, and school liaisons conducted at the station. It prides itself on providing the best in quality of life initiatives, events and programs. Skating parties, outdoor recreational get-togethers, bowling events, night-time golf and talent contests are just some of the many opportunities for fun and socialization.


Convictions for rape at the station have attracted confinement and dishonorable discharge from the U.S Air Force. In cases concerning wrongful use of controlled substances, airmen have pleaded guilty in numerous occasions. The repercussions for pleading guilty have included reduction in rank, confinement and bad conduct discharge. Convictions for possession of child pornography have also been witnessed at the base. Unfortunately, in many cases, a lack of experienced representation for the defendants has seen airmen face the brunt in a way that has had a long-standing effect on their lives.

Regardless of the type of the UCMJ crime, a military criminal defense attorney can advocate on the accused's behalf to settle the issue or carry it through to court-martial. The appointed military defense counsel, on the other hand, may not give the case due attention as he/she is already burdened with a ton of cases and is essentially, working for the military, which is not exactly reassuring for the defendant. It is, therefore, in the accused airman's best interests to engage the services of a reliable civilian military criminal defense lawyer to fight the case to a high degree of success.

A trusted RAF Lakenheath court martial lawyer is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome

A defense attorney of Joseph L. Jordan's caliber can make a huge difference in deciding the outcome of the case. Skill and experience are integral to preparing a solid defense and representing clients with aggression and confidence.

Mr. Jordan has an impressive track-record of wins in cases involving serious UCMJ crimes such as rape, manslaughter, fraud and sexual assault, among others. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started. 


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