Reputation is extremely important for enlisted personnel. If you are faced with a criminal charge in the military, you not only risk hurting your future career with the military, but you also stand the risk of losing your job altogether. This is why if you are facing sexual assault, UCMJ violations, conspiracy or any other serious charges, you need to seek help from an experienced military criminal defense attorney like Joseph J. Jordan.

Enlisted Soldiers and officers are always in high pressure situations and their lives are very different from that of ordinary professionals. As a result, mistakes can occur, but don't allow them to ruin your career. With an experienced military criminal defense lawyer like Joseph Jordan, you can rest assured that your side of the case will be presented aggressively.

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The Fort Belvoir Army installation started off as a plantation called the Belvoir plantation. Fort Belvoir is not an army base as such, but has been designated as a census-designated place (CDP). So far, the army installation has hosted many important organizations of the United States Military. The army installation was founded during World War 1 and was converted to an army base from a plantation. In those days, it was called the Camp A. A. Humphreys as it was named after Andrew A. Humphreys.

However, the name of the army installation was changed to Belvoir plantation in recognition of a huge plantation that was present there before the army installation. It was home to the Army Engineer School for a while as well as the United States Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratory before it was moved out too. Due to the BRAC of 2005, the number of people stationed at Fort Belvoir increased substantially as all major army installations in the Washington DC were consolidated.


Fort Belvoir, VA boasts of twice as much personnel as that of the Pentagon and as a result, it is the biggest employer in Fairfax County. After the BRAC 2005, a new facility was built that cost the government $2.4 billion. As of now, Fort Belvoir is the headquarters for the Defense Acquisition University, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Technical Information Center, United States Army Military Intelligence Readiness Command, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, Missile Defense Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

It constitutes all the agencies of the United States DoD (Department of Defense), which makes Fort Belvoir, VA one of the most important army installations in the country.

It is also home to the 29th Infantry Division (Light) of Virginia's National Guard ten major Army Commands, eight elements of the United States Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve, nineteen varied agencies and 26 DoD agencies. Apart from that, the 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power), the US Army Audit Agency, an activity of the US Air Force, a Department of the Treasury agency and the 12th Aviation Battalion of the Military District of Washington are also based here. The National Reconnaissance Office and the Aerospace Data Facility are also housed at the base camp.

Like any other important and massive army installation, Fort Belvoir, VA has also seen many scandals. Most recently, Lt. Col. Joseph "Jay" Morse was suspended from his job at Fort Belvoir, VA as he is under investigation for sexually assaulting a female Army Lawyer. This case brought Fort Belvoir and the United States Army back in the news for its dismal record on sexual assaults even after the US Army had disqualified hundreds of enlisted personnel based on various criminal charges.

If you are facing criminal charges and have to face military court, you need someone like Joseph Jordan, who is a top notch court martial lawyer in the country. An experienced military criminal defense lawyer like him will try his best to prove your innocence in the court.


Joseph L. Jordan has served 11 years in the armed forces, in the country as well as abroad. This gives him valuable insight into the military, making him one of the most sought after civilian military attorney. As a Fairfax County military criminal defense lawyer, he will help you present your case aggressively.

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