The Uniform Code of Military Justice expects service members to adhere to a strict code of conduct. Violation of a criminal law or direct order may call for a non-judicial hearing or a court martial. When reputations are at stake and careers are on the line, a Ford Gordon, GA UCMJ lawyer can provide valuable assistance.

Joseph L. Jordan is the man for the job, a former serviceman with a strong track-record of successfully defending the rights of soldiers, airmen, coast guards and marine personnel. Mr. Jordan is concerned with one thing and one thing only – getting an acquittal and enabling clients to return to work with their dignity and respect intact.


Camp Gordon is named after Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon, and traces its history as an armor and infantry training site during World War II. In 1948, it was anointed as a Signal Corps Training Center, and in the 50's, it served as a site for Military Government Training for the Army.

Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon) has prepared soldiers for conflict during the Vietnam War and the Korean conflict. In 1974, it became a consolidated communications training center for the army, making notable contributions in training and troop deployment during Operation Desert


Storm and providing national defense in the post-Cold war years. It continues to proudly remain the Home of the Signal Regiment, delivering training to signal and ordnance soldiers, which is its primary mission. The installation trains the highest number of soldiers in the US Army.


Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon) is the site of six active-duty tenant units and home to more than 12,000 soldiers and nearly 5,000 civilians. The community feel is alive and well at the installation, but there have been instances of unsavory code of conduct, which the Army frowns upon and metes out punishment quite aggressively. The Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon) community is serious about limiting these crimes, as is evidenced by its initiatives. There is also a concerted effort to improve the services, programs, and the quality of life for everyone who lives and works at the installation. A customer feedback initiative engaging the community is one such step in the right direction.


Fort Gordan military criminal defense attorney Joseph L. Jordan is familiar with the tough stance prosecutors take against accused army personnel. In preparing for a case, Mr. Jordan is particular about cross-examining witnesses thoroughly and examining evidence with a sharp eye. Service members can rely on his experience to win a favorable verdict.

The nagging crime problem that Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon) has faced in recent years may seem pretty harmless, but it attracts serious repercussions. Shop-lifting at the Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon) Exchange has prompted the installation to voice its concerns and educate civilians as well as soldiers about the consequences of this crime. It has embarked on an aggressive shoplifting program to help prevent judgment lapses that have the potential to derail careers. Active duty members caught shoplifting can be slapped with a reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances, an Other than Honorable discharge, and even confinement in some cases.

It is heartening to note that Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon) has taken a committed stand against sexual assault. The installation has a sexual assault hotline number. Each unit is also assigned two SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention) representatives who are available 24/7. While the recent spotlight on sexual assault has pressurized leadership to pursue Article 120 cases more aggressively, there are instances when the so-called victims have vindictively lied, regretted having consensual sex or tried to cover their homosexuality – all for selfish gains – and put the accused in the dock. Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon), GA court martial lawyer Joseph L. Jordan has first-hand experience defending active duty members facing Article 120 charges.

Courts martial stemming from theft and conspiracy charges have also been reported at Camp Gordon. They have attracted fines, confinement and bad conduct discharge. In some cases, reduced sentences have been awarded in exchange for testimony. Fort Gordan UCMJ lawyer Joseph L. Jordan does not advise clients to plead guilty when there is a fighting chance to win the case. It is recommended in very rare cases, where the evidence is too strong to ignore and dangerously stacked against the client.

Fort Eisenhower (Fort Gordon), GA court martial lawyer Joseph L. Jordan has first-hand experience defending active duty members facing Article 120 charges. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started with your defense.


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