As a member of the United States Air Force, you have fought for your country with honor but when you are charged with an offense it becomes necessary to fight for your own rights. Often, air force men facing legal proceedings fail to present the facts of the case effectively and suffer serious consequences as a result. Even if you escape imprisonment or discharge, the mere fact that you have faced court martial proceedings can be a huge blemish on your record that might prevent you from progressing in the air force further. Having a competent, experienced Tinker AFB Military defense attorney represent you in such a situation can safeguard your rights.

Joseph Jordan is a military defense attorney of repute who has been instrumental in giving many US air force men objective and practical legal advice. Although based in Texas, Mr. Jordan has represented service members in locations across the US and abroad, helping them in their efforts to prove their innocence. If you are facing Article 15 non- judicial punishment proceedings, Article 120 charge, Article 81 conspiracy charges and so on, Mr. Jordan's advice and guidance can help you.


Tinker AFB is named in honor of the first Native American Major General, Clarence Tinker. A major base for the United States Air Force, the Tinker AFB is located in Oklahoma. This is the headquarters of the Material Command's Air Logistics Centre Oklahoma, the largest of the three Air Force Material Command ALCs. The center provides comprehensive support for 10 commands, 31 weapons systems, 46 foreign nations and 93 Air Force bases.

Some major Air Force, Department of Defense and Navy units are based out of Tinker AFB, which makes this base a crucial component of the national defense system. The Navy's Take Charge and Move Out - Strategic Communications Wing One, is an integral part of the Air Force Base. This wing is a unique one that provides secure communication between key decision makers of the country in event of nuclear war or similar conflict events.

The 72nd Air Base Wing is the host unit at Tinker. It is responsible for providing installation support at the base. Apart from this, the base is also home to tenant ACC units and 2 Air Force Reserve Wings.


To promote awareness about sexual assault incidents across the air force and to prevent such happenings, officials at Tinker AFB have been taking stringent steps. Recently, the sexual assault prevention proclamation has been signed here, indicating that the senior officers are willing to take strong steps to curb such incidents at the base.

In recent times, many such initiatives have been taken in air force bases across the United States. This increased attention is definitely a boon, but in some cases, suspicion may fall upon innocent air force men as well, causing much mental anxiety and embarrassment to them and their families. An experienced Tinker AFB UCMJ lawyer can ensure complete damage control in such situations and prove the air man's innocence beyond doubt.


We are here to help you tackle any legal issue you may face during your service with the United States Air Force. Officer evaluation reports, congressional complaints, inquiry for Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL), memorandum of reprimands or other proceedings can result in much confusion and anxiety for you. We will give you the advice and representation you need in such situations to protect your rights effectively.

Serious charges often result in severe repercussions. It is imperative that you aggressively present your case when facing such charges to avoid the repercussions. As a former service man and having served as a military prosecutor, Tinker AFB military defense lawyer Mr. Jordan knows exactly how the proceedings unfold behind the scenes at such hearings. This helps him prepare you beforehand for intensive cross examination so that you can field questions with confidence and conviction.

As soon as you come to know about legal proceedings being initiated against you, talk to us. We will tell you what you should or should not do to ensure that you do not implicate yourself any further.


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