Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies. The concept is that one is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what the law says about reasonable doubt, there is an unwritten presumption within the ranks of the military that if you are charged with sexual assault, then you are guilty. The stakes are your life! Your military counsel works for the same military that charged you. Consider that as you choose who represents you in your potentially life altering case.

Kadena Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Being stationed outside the country imposes several difficulties upon the service member. When he also has to face legal troubles in such a situation, there is good chance that the service man is left not knowing what to do and how to protect himself. Objective and compassionate guidance from an able Kadena AFB military defense lawyer make it possible to respond with an effective defense.

Joseph Jordan, ex- serviceman knows how challenging life at an Air Force base can be, especially one that is located in another country with widely different culture, practices and traditions. He has represented air force men within the United States and outside and helped them safeguard their rights when facing legal proceedings.

About Kadena AFB

Kadena AFB enjoys a special place among the United States defense services as the hub of power for the air force in the Pacific region. The host unit here is the 18 th Wing which also happens to be the Air Force's largest combat wing. Apart from this, this base is also home to many other elite units including the 353 rd Special Operations group, the 733 rd Air Mobility Squadron, the 1- 1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion and many others.

Located in the Kadena and Chatan towns in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, Kaden AFB base was established after the Korean War highlighted the need for strong presence of the United States defense services here. It was in 1975 that the Commander Fleet Activities was relocated from Okinawa to Kadena. However, an airfield existed at this location way before this date back in 1945.This airfield was in use by Imperial Japanese war planes and was taken over by the United States Army's 7 th Infantry Division.

Today, the primary objective of the Kadena AFB units is to ensure that aircraft, crews and support staff are all in a state of readiness to support Pacific Area forces and the Fifth Air Force.

Spotlight on Sexual Assault Prevention at Kadena AFB

As part of the ongoing efforts to reduce sexual harassment and sexual assault within defense establishments, speeches, programs and interactive events are being conducted at various locations both with the U.S. and out of country. Recently, at Kadena AFB, a specialist from the SAPR office completed a radio interview which explored reporting procedures as part of the proceedings.

The efforts to prevent such incidents are definitely a positive development but the intensified scrutiny may, at times, back fire on the service members too. In some cases, innocent service members may end up being accused of serious crimes simply by dint of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In such situations when you are facing serious criminal charges that have the potency to damage your military record permanently, mounting a defense immediately is your best option. Calling for a competent, highly experienced Kadena AFB sexual assault defense attorney should be your first step in such circumstances.

Let a Former Military Prosecutor Defend You

When you are facing serious criminal charges at Kadena AFB, who can better represent you than a former military prosecutor. Expert Kadena AFB military defense lawyer Joseph Jordan has served as a Army prosecutor in Korea and Fort Hood and also as legal assistance attorney, interim chief of justice, chief of claims, operational law attorney and administrative law attorney. His experience in these roles allows him to give you an overview of the legal procedures to expect in your case. His ability to train his clients to handle the most complex and intimidating cross examination has helped them defend themselves with ease.

When you are facing serious charges such as sexual assault or murder or relatively minor legal proceedings such as NJP proceedings, call Kadena AFB UCMJ attorney Mr. Jordan for able guidance and aggressive support.

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