A military crime is a serious affair. The U.S military has zero tolerance for crimes and enforces strict discipline and punishments through court martial, separation boards and administrative courts.

Military crimes can be divided into several categories. Some of these may not attract a court martial, but others do. Military crimes include sexual assault, rape, adultery, solicitation, pandering, drug crimes, larceny, manslaughter, attempted murder, obstruction of justice and many others.

Joseph Jordan has worked as a NSA Bahrain court martial attorney. If you are facing charges for crimes in NSA Bahrain, contact Joseph Jordan for legal representation.


The U.S engagement with Juffair (the site of NSA Bahrain) began more than 60 years ago with the U.S Middle East Force. The U.S Navy set up a small naval force on some land it shared with the Royal Navy. The initial objective was to provide communication and logistical support to vessels that were out on marine expeditions.

The Royal Navy left Juffair in 1971 and 10 acres of land formerly used by the Royal Navy were transferred to the U.S Navy. Eight years later, the area was named as the Administrative Support Unit Bahrain.

In 1992, to reflect the increasing role of the U.S Navy in the region, the area was renamed as the Administrative Support Unit South West Asia. In 1997, the unit was expanded and renamed as NSA Bahrain.



More than 6000 military personnel, civilian employees and their dependents are stationed at NSA Bahrain. The base is home to more than 90 commands, including the U.S Naval Forces Central Command. The 5 th Fleet, consisting of 12 units is also headquartered here.

Other important units are the Regional Legal Service Office- Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia and the U.S Maritime Liaison Office.

In one of the U.S Navy's most high profile cases in recent times, a Chief Master-at-Arms stationed at NSA Bahrain was accused of promoting gambling and fraternization with prostitutes between 2005 and 2006. There were also allegations that some members of the Military Working Dog Division were subjected to racial discrimination, humiliation, sexual harassment and hazing with the officer's collusion.

An investigation was conducted under a U.S Navy JAG. The report implicated the Chief Master-at-Arms. But despite the report's findings, the officer was promoted. The officer's successor committed suicide when the report came out. In 2009, the Navy announced that the officer's request to extend his enlistment had been denied and he consequently retired in 2010.


When the military charges you with a crime, it also allows you to engage a JAG lawyer for your defense. But consider that JAG lawyers are often overburdened with work and duties. While it may be a question of life and liberty to you, they may not be as empathetic.

So what are your options? Thankfully, military rules allow you to engage a civilian lawyer in cases involving military crimes.

Mr. Jordan has successfully represented two different sailors against very serious sexual assault cases at NSA Bahrain. In one case, Mr. Jordan and his team were able to keep the case against their client from going to trial due to a severe lack of credible evidence. Case investigation is vitally key to any representation an attorney can provide. Mr. Jordan has a proven track record of preparing cases in order to give his client's the best chance at securing a positive outcome.

There are many advantages of engaging Joseph Jordan as your NSA Bahrain military defense attorney. He was in the military for 11 years and while he was there, he distinguished himself as an army prosecutor and JAG lawyer. Having been on the other side of the table, he understands how the prosecution works and this allows him to pre-empt arguments and accusations. He is known for his solid counter arguments in the defense of his clients during court martial and non-judicial proceedings.

If you would like Joseph Jordan to represent you during your legal hearing, please give us a call. We also offer free case evaluation and consultation.


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