A conviction in a military crime can mean a death sentence for your career. Your best chance to escape a conviction is to mount an aggressive legal defense and present great counter arguments. But you must decide who you want to put your trust in, a military assigned JAG lawyer who might be understaffed and over burdened with work or an attorney who will give your case his full attention and who can provide start-to-finish legal representation.

If you are looking for an attorney of the latter type, please do get in touch with Joseph Jordan. He is a Camp Darby military defense attorney and he has provided legal assistance to many enlisted men and women on their military crimes cases abroad.

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Camp Darby is a US Army Garrison located between Pisa and Livorno in Italy. It gets its name from Brigadier General William O. Darby, who served the 10th Mountain Division as Assistant Division Commander during the 2nd World War. He was unfortunately killed at Lake Garda, Italy by German artillery fire.

The U.S Army Rangers owe their origin to General William Darby. Before his death, General Darby led a band of soldiers called Darby's Rangers which became the precursor of the U.S Army Rangers.


Camp Darby was set up in 1952, as a result of negotiations between the U.S government and the Italians. U.S troops were stationed in Austria and bases were needed to support them.

The main square inside Camp Darby is dedicated to Pvt. Masato 'Curly' Nakae, who served with the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team near Pisa during the 2nd World War. He was noted for his courage and heroism and he also received the Medal of Honor.


Camp Darby is home to a number of units of the U.S Armed Forces such as the 509 th Signal Battalion, the 66 th Military Intelligence Group, the 839 th Transportation Battalion, the 405 th Army Field Support Brigade, the 731 st Munitions Squadron (assigned to Aviano Air Base) and others.

The garrison is home to more than 2000 people, including about 350 armed forces personal and 700 members of the National Guard. Interestingly, Camp Darby is one of 6 military bases worldwide that can mobilize troops, munitions, weapons and equipment quickly in case the need arises.

The U.S Army recently announced that the Camp Darby's Army Garrison would become a satellite installation to USAG Vicenza and would hereby be known as the Darby Military Community.

In 2005, 5 Airmen assigned to the 731 st Munitions Squadron in Camp Darby were found guilty of using cocaine and other drugs in a court martial. 4 of the Airmen were given a bad discharge from the service and the 5 th one had his rank reduced. A 6 th Airman was acquitted for lack of evidence.

So you see, the risk of losing your honor and career is real if you are convicted of a military crime. You can be jailed, your rank might be taken away and worse of all, you may be discharged dishonorably. If you facing charges for military crimes, you will need representation by an experienced and aggressive Camp Darby military defense attorney. If you are looking for such a lawyer, contact Joseph Jordan today.


Joseph Jordan has worked on many international military defense assignments involving members of the US military. He is a former army prosecutor and JAG lawyer. He has extensive experience in providing legal defense in military crimes like rape, drug crimes, adultery, aggravated sexual assault, larceny, obstruction of justice, attempted manslaughter and other crimes. He can also be your Camp Darby court martial attorney if you are going to face a court martial or Article 15 (non judicial) proceedings.

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