Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies. The concept is that one is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what the law says about reasonable doubt, there is an unwritten presumption within the ranks of the military that if you are charged with sexual assault, then you are guilty. The stakes are your life! Your military counsel works for the same military that charged you. Consider that as you choose who represents you in your potentially life altering case.

Moody AFB, GA

Who and what is Moody AFB?

Moody Air Force Base was founded in 1940 and, in its early years, the base's mission was to create an environment that upheld the advanced requirements of the Air Force Pilot Instrument School and Instrument Flying School. Today, Moody AFB is home to the 23rd Wing, which organizes, trains, and employs combat-ready A-10, HC-130, HH-60, Pararescuemen, and force protection assets and personnel. The wing also executes close air support, force protection, and personnel recovery operations around the world in support of humanitarian interests, U.S. national security, and overseas contingency operations.

US Air Force

Anyone who has been charged with a military crime while stationed at Moody AFB should not hesitate to learn what Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law can do to defend them. Our firm has handled countless military criminal defense cases and is highly qualified to represent you. Attorney Jordan is a former Army Judge Advocate General's Corps officer with a personal understanding of the courts-martial process and the military criminal process. This means that we know your rights as an Airman or Airwoman and we know how to defend your honorable reputation after a criminal arrest.

How a Criminal Conviction Can Affect Your Military Career

The base is home to nearly 5,000 military personnel and 400 civilian employees, each of whom actively contributes to the overall mission of enforcing national security. Though Moody AFB is home to some of the most honorable Airmen and Airwomen, mistakes, false allegations, and misconduct can still happen at any time.

A military defense attorney at Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law can provide effective representation if you have been accused of any military crime or violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, such as:

Individuals who have been accused of sexual assault not only face serious criminal charges but also must come to terms with public scrutiny. The Air Force now publishes sexual assault convictions online for public viewing, meaning both civilians and other active personnel can view your criminal record if you are convicted. Your conviction along with your sentence, which may include jail time, rank demotion, or punitive damages, will all be published online.

Consult a Courts-Martial Lawyer

Do not let an allegation of misconduct ruin your personal life and your military career. As a former U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps officer, Attorney Jordan is well aware of the magnified scrutiny that many of America's active military personnel can fall under when accused of or arrested for a crime. The magnifying glass can be overwhelming and unforgiving, but our courts-martial attorney knows that it takes to defend your name and your honor amid serious allegations. Our firm has helped several Airmen and Airwomen present their side of the story in a court of law to ultimately prove their innocence and help them return to a life of integrity and respect.

Contact our firm today to schedule your free case evaluation and learn exactly what a military defense and courts-martial lawyer can do for you.

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