If there is one thing that the army personnel wish to avoid, it is being charged by the U.S. Military for a crime that they did not do. Adherence to the military code of discipline is extremely important if a soldier wants to have a blemish-free record in the army and be free or any legal charges against him or her. In any case, situations and events that put the soldiers' military career and rights under jeopardy can occur without warning, and result in the soldier being subject to a non-punitive action, or legal punishments.

When facing charges from the U.S. Military, army personnel should seek the services of an experienced attorney who can defend them. Joseph L. Jordan is an accomplished USAG Vilseck, Germany UCMJ attorney who will not only defend you, but do it with commitment and tact to make sure that your rights are protected.


USAG Vilseck is located in the state of Bavaria, Germany and is around 60 miles from Nürnberg. The Vilseck Rose Barracks is a part of the USAG Grafenwöhr training area and houses eight different units of the US Army. These include 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 72nd Med Det VS, 2nd ASOS, Bavaria Medical Activity, 27th MEU and 514th Military Police Augmentation Platoon among others.

Between 1990 and today, the garrison has deployed thousands of soldiers from its units for active duty to Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


Vilseck, which has a rich and interesting history, is also home to the first tower museum in Germany. The quite town is located in the scenic northern Bavarian region and is home to the historic castle "Dagestein" and the "Erstes Deutsches Türmmuseum" that tell you about the history of the place. Vilseck, Germany is primarily a farming area but has several recreational facilities for the US army personnel and their families.


The town has a Historical and Cultural Museum, a library and a Consolidated Exchange that people stationed at both Grafenwöhr and Vilseck can access. It also has an arts and crafts center and a few health and fitness clubs where sporting activities including basketball, racquetball, soccer, boxing, softball, aerobics, rugby and more are offered.

The Zone Sports Bar is one of the most popular spaces where army personnel stationed at the Rose Barracks can spend time. While bars offer just the ambience to relax and unwind, they are also the places where people tend to get into unnecessary fist fights under the influence of alcohol. Irresponsible drinking can also lead to other charges like DUI and assault that can jeopardize a soldier's career. In the event of being charged, army personnel should seek the services of an aggressive USAG Vilseck military criminal defense lawyer to protect their rights.


In the past, USAG Vilseck has been in the news for a series of sex crimes involving soldiers stationed at the garrison. Among them, one involved a chaplain who later resigned, and a few soldiers who were convicted of sexually assaulting soldiers and even a few locals in the area. Sexual assault, rape, sodomy and adultery are major crimes according to the UCMJ and can result in imprisonment or dishonorable discharge from the military.

Army personnel charged with criminal wrongdoing should not delay in hiring a skilled and experienced USAG Vilseck court martial attorney like Joseph L. Jordan. Mr. Jordan has amassed a wealth of knowledge during his experience as a defense attorney for army personnel.

Combining his experience, knowledge and tact, he devises strategies that can help in reducing the punitive action against the soldier, and even an acquittal in cases where the soldiers are wrongfully accused. Call (866) 361-4723 today to get started.


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