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Named in honor of Lt. Seymour A. Johnson, this base became active on June 12, 1942. The US Army Air Forces activated this air force base five months after entering World War II. It began as Headquarters, Technical School, Army Air Forces. In 1943, the Provisional Overseas Replacement Training Center at the base began training officers for overseas combat duty.

In 1943, the Technical School began training its cadets to become technical officer in the Army Air Corps. In order to provide this training the Aviation Cadet Pre-Training School formed the 75th Training Wing at the base.

In 1943, the 326th Fighter Group came to Seymour Johnson AFB and started training pilots for the P-47 Thunderbolts. Training pilots to replace existing ones already working on P-47 Thunderbolts, became the base's mission in April 1943.

The base was turned into an Army-Air Force Separation Center in 1945, after it ceased its function of being an assembly point for pilots who were to be reassigned to work in the continental United States and Pacific.

After being deactivated once in 1946, the base was activated again in 1952 when the US Army Corps of Engineers came to the base. They constructed new buildings, and destroyed the old ones. The mayor of Goldsboro launched a full-fledged campaign to reopen the air force base. The mayor was successful in his campaign and Seymour Johnson AFB was reactivated in 1956. The 83rd Fighter-Day Wing arrived at the base, which was now the Tactical Air Command base. A year later the 4th Fighter Wing took charge of the base, replacing the 83rd Fighter-Day Wing.

After reopening, Seymour Johnson AFB became home to the Strategic Air Command's KC-10 bombers, B-52, and KC-135 tankers. Michigan Air National Guard's F-4 and F-16 fighters were also assigned to the base.

In 1991, a Federal Prison was installed on the base, and the inmates now help with the upkeep and maintenance of the base.


The 4th Fighter Wing remains the host unit Seymour Johnson AFB. The unit is in-charge of the F-15E Strike Eagle, which helps in the deployment of soldiers for overseas combat operations. This aircraft provides support to the Aerospace Expeditionary Force.

Other than the 4th Fighter Wing, the base is also home to the 4th Maintenance Group, 4th Medical Group, 4th Mission Support Group and the 4th Operations Group. There are more than 6,400 military members on the base, along with 600 civilian members and 96 F-15E Strike Eagles.

Seymour Johnson AFB has also seen its share of criminal cases against its servicemen and women. It has been in the news for SSgt. Evans who was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and false official statement. He was given a dishonorable discharge, and sentenced to confinement for a year, after a female airman found out in DNA analysis that SSgt. Evans had had sexual intercourse with her while she was passed out.

In another instance TSgt. Floyd M. Jeter was convicted of rape on two counts, along with obstructing justice, and giving false official statement. He had raped his girlfriend during an argument. At the time of the rape, his girlfriend was nursing their five-month-old baby. It was also found out later that TSgt. Jeter had raped his ex-wife after their separation.


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