Facing criminal charges in a military court of law can be a nightmarish experience for army personnel. This also applies to cadets at West Point, who can face severe punishment if they were to deviate from the Cadet Honor Code, or if they indulge in serious offenses during their four-year graduate program at the academy. Whether it is a small deviation from the code or a serious criminal charge, a cadet needs the assistance of a professionally qualified and skilled West Point military criminal defense lawyer.

Joseph L. Jordan is a practicing attorney with 11 years of service in the US military. He was also enlisted for three years and understands what it is to be an enlisted soldier in the US army. Not only does he defend soldiers against an accusation of serious crimes in the military, but he also offers experienced legal counsel for blue collar crimes.


The United States Military Academy, which is popularly known as West Point or simply The Point is the federal service academy situated in the West Point region of New York State. The academy was established in 1802 and has since been training cadets who go on to serve the nation through the many military bases across the world.

West Point campus is situated on high ground sprawled over 16,080 acres and overlooks the Hudson River. It is a national landmark and also a popular tourist spot, filled with monuments, museums and other places of interest. The academy takes in around 1300 cadets every year, but only 1000 of them graduate. Most of these graduates are commissioned in the army, as second lieutenants. The strength of the academic staff at the academy is around 580.

The academy had enrolled its first female cadets in 1976, and over the years, it has also appointed several women cadets in the rank of First Captain.


The West Point Academy is known to have an active student community and several facilities that the cadets would need during their four-year stay there. Besides bachelor programs, the academy also hosts several sporting and athletic events that the cadets participate in, owing to mandatory participation in competitive sports. The official athletics team of the academy is called the Army Black Knights. West Point also fields nine women's and fifteen men's NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) teams.

The competitive spirit and the sense of community at the academy may be very strong, but amidst the pressure to perform athletically and also adhere to the Cadet Honor Code, young students at the academy may get into minor tiffs and sometimes major fights that result in violent crimes. Dealing with serious criminal charges in a military court is something that cadets cannot handle by themselves, without the assistance of a West point UCMJ attorney like Joseph L. Jordan.


West Point is very much dedicated to training cadets for the US military, but it has not been spared of criminal behavior within the campus. The academy has had its share of serious crimes, and the latest news reveals that it has also witnessed cases of aggressive sexual assault. If charged and proven guilty of a crime, a cadet could lose the only chance to serve the country honorably.

Joseph L. Jordan is a committed West Point court-martial attorney with years of experience in defending innocent soldiers, marines and sailors from serious charges against them. His determination and dedication to protecting the best interests of the soldiers and cadets are unmatched, and reflect in the cases he won for his clients.


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