As the spotlight is on maintaining law and order in the defense forces of the country, air force personnel are under immense pressure to ensure that they do not take even a step out of line. The rigors of working round the clock to safeguard the country are immense and it is a huge challenge for airmen to keep a watch on all their actions at all times.

In many situations, a relatively minor offense may snowball into a huge issue and lead to severe action against the erring individual. In such situations, the assistance and guidance of a veteran Offutt AFB military defense lawyer prove to be invaluable.

Many defense personnel have benefited from the aggressive representation offered by Joseph Jordan, experienced Offutt AFB UCMJ Attorney. Although based in Texas, Mr. Joseph has successfully undertaken cases for defense staff stationed elsewhere too. He is also available for legal help for personnel stationed outside the country's borders. If you are facing a criminal charge, sexual assault accusation, Article 32 investigations, separation/discharge proceedings, non-judicial punishments or other legal issues, you can benefit immensely by getting advice from this committed Offutt AFB military defense attorney.


The origins of Offutt AFB can be traced back to the late 1800s when it first came into being as Fort Crook, named after Civil war hero Major General George Crook. Several buildings constructed here at the time still exist today. It was in 1924 that the airfield at Fort Crook was designated as Offutt Field in honor of Omaha's first air casualty from WWI, Lt. Offutt, who was killed while on duty with the Royal Air Force, France.

Fort Crook and the Martin-Nebraska bomber plant were collectively designated as Offutt AFB in 1946. Two years later, the base became the home of the headquarters for the Strategic Air Command. Offutt AFB's host wing is the Fightin' Fifty-Fifth - the 55th Wing, which happens to be the largest in the Air Combat Command as well as the Air Force's second largest wing. Five groups come under the 55th Wing and are stationed at Offutt AFB and other locations worldwide. The Air Force Weather Agency, the Omaha Defense Finance and Accounting Service office as well as other associate units are located here as well.


More than 140 golfers took part in an event here last month that was designed to increase awareness about sexual assault incidences within defense establishments. This event has been held here eight times previously and it is aimed at improving prevention of such crimes within the armed forces.

In recent times, such awareness programs are on the rise as the United States Defense forces crack down upon such crimes. Immediate and severe action is often taken when an air force staff member complaints of sexual assault against a colleague. While this is a necessary development to maintain order and discipline in the air force, there are cases where innocent air force men are wrongly implicated and suffer untold mental anguish as well as physical travails as a result. It is in such situations that a capable and experienced Offutt AFB sexual assault defense attorney can be of invaluable help in proving the facts of the case.


Joseph Jordan, former serviceman and experienced Offutt AFB military defense lawyer is your best line of defense when you are facing criminal charges, Article 32 or court martial proceedings, non-judicial punishment proceedings or sexual assault charges in the air force. Although based in Texas, Mr. Jordan has provided his trademark aggressive legal representation for air force men stationed inside and outside the United States.

Having held the position of military prosecutor for a short period during service, Mr. Jordan is fully aware of how the legal process unfolds behind the scenes at air force bases. This insider view helps him prepare you, the accused, to effectively handle the questions and respond convincingly during the hearing process so that you can present the facts about your innocence with full confidence.

If you are facing legal proceedings for minor or major offenses, allow our experienced Offutt AFB military defense lawyer to help you fight for your rights. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started.


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