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Located approximately ten miles from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Schriever AFB started off as Falcon Air Force Station. Falcon AFS came into being after it was announced that a new facility to control military space systems would be built in 1981. It was constructed to provide a satellite control facility for the Air Force, that would be supported by the Onizuka Air Force Station.

The foundation stone for Falcon Air Force Station was laid in May, 1983 and it became operational in September, 1985. The 2nd Space Wing was formed in the same year, and most of the missions were moved from Onizuka to Falcon. In 1987, the 2nd Space Wing took complete charge of the Air Force Satellite Control Network. A year later, in 1988, Falcon AFS was renamed as Falcon Air Force Base.

At the time, the Air Force was going through a complete restructuring, which led to the 2nd Space Wing being deactivated. The 50th Tactical Fighter Wing, which deactivated in Hahn, Germany in 1991, was renamed as the 50th Space Wing, and was sent off to take control of Falcon Air Force Base. Eventually, in 1998, Falcon AFB was renamed as Schriever Air Force Base. It was named after Gen. Bernard A. Schriever. He was a retired general who developed America's first ballistic missile program. He is also considered as "the Father of U.S Air Force's space and missile program."


Today, as one of the newer air force bases, there are over 8200 military personnel and civilian employees who are based at Schriever AFB. Annual contribution of Schriever AFB to Colorado Springs area is approximately $1.2 billion. Along with being a home to the 50th Space Wing unit, Schriever AFB is also a base for the Space Innovation and Development Center, Missile Defense Agency's Joint National Integration Center, the 310th Space Group, and many other units.

This air force base operates space missions. Through command and control of DOD satellites, the 50th Space Wing can provide information on global effects. This also includes accurate timing, navigation as well as a secure satellite communication. Other units also conduct space missions at Schriever AFB. The difference between this air force base and others, is that it does not have a flightline or aircraft missions.

Schriever AFB offers housing and medical services on the base but, the base does not provide emergency medical services. Youth programs are offered at the base, through the Schriever Airman and Family Readiness Center. This center can also help families who are new to the base, and do not have basic household items.


The air force base has recently been in the news for holding special court martial proceedings against Airman 1st Class Shaun Chenard, 50th Civil Engineer Squadron. Chenard, pleaded guilty to a charge of using cocaine twice in 2013. His urine sample analysis proved that he using cocaine. The second sample he provided to the Schriever Drug Demand Reduction Program also came back positive for cocaine. Airman Shaun Chenard, has been sentenced to a bad conduct discharge, and confinement for three months. He will also have to forfeit $1,021 salary per month for the next three months.


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