When you have been charged with a crime in the air force, the consequences can be devastating. Your career is at stake here which means that you simply cannot afford to face this tough situation without complete knowledge of your legal rights as well as responsibilities. Guidance from an experienced Vance AFB military defense lawyer is crucial at this juncture. In fact, it could make the difference between conviction and acquittal.

Your chances of proving your innocence are high when you can present you case with confidence as well as conviction and having a competent attorney by your side helps you do exactly that. If you are facing charges at Vance AFB, make a call to experienced Vance AFB Military Defense Lawyer Joseph Jordan for objective, practical guidance and advice.

Although based in Texas, Mr. Jordan has helped many defense personnel across the United States and abroad mount an effective defense against Article 120 charges, Article 15 non judicial punishment proceedings, Article 81 conspiracy charges, courts martial, discharge or separation proceedings and more. His support and guidance will ensure that you have every opportunity to present all the facts during the legal proceedings and prove your innocence.


This base is named in honor of Medal of Honor recipient, Lt Col Robert Vance, who was a World War II hero. Construction began at the base in 1941 with the objective of creating a suitable place for training aviation cadets. At this point of time, the base had not been named. The name Enid AFB was given to the base when the United States Air Force became a separate service in 1947. It was two years later that the base's name was changed in honor of the World War II hero.

The host unit here is the 71st Flying Training Wing, a part of the AETC. This wing is entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing top-notch pilots for the US Air Force, Marines and Navy. Pilots who have undergone training here also enter active service with Allies and in the Air Expeditionary Force.

Under the 71st FTW, there are three other groups - the 71st Operations Group, the 71st Mission Support Group and the 71st Medical group. Apart from these, the 3rd Fighter Training Squadron, the 8th, the 32nd, 33rd and 25th Flying Training Squadrons are also based here in addition to the 5th FTS reserve unit.


As in all defense establishments across the United States, the spotlight is on violence against women, in particular sexual offenses against women, at Vance AFB too. The government is coming down strongly on such offenses and in the process taking the initiative to improve awareness among air force personnel about such crimes.

An unfortunate development of this necessary move is that instant and severe action may be taken when a charge of sexual assault or sexual harassment is brought against an air force man. Even when you are innocent of these charges, you may have little time or opportunity to establish the facts that are in your favor. In fact, in many cases, an innocent air force man may be proven guilty simply because he does not have the experiencedise to gather witnesses or facts proving his innocence.

When you are facing charges for serious crimes like sexual assault, rape, manslaughter or murder it is important for you to quickly prepare an effective an aggressive defense to present all the facts clearly. The support and guidance of an experienced Vance AFB military defense lawyer like Joseph Jordan is invaluable in such situations.


Vance AFB Military Defense Attorney Joseph Jordan is a former serviceman and has served as a military prosecutor. Having experienced the tough life that defense personnel undergo, he is fully aware of the daily challenges you face in keeping the country safe from threats.

Committed to giving our country's protectors the best legal representation possible and dedicated to ensuring that the rights of air force men are protected, Mr. Jordan can give you the support you need during this challenging time. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started.


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