When you are charged with a military crime, you rarely get the benefit of the doubt. The prosecution has the upper hand from the start, and it is not uncommon for military lawyers to coax their clients into pleading guilty and taking the first offer that comes their way. Experienced Edwards AFB UCMJ attorney Joseph L. Jordan fights leaves no stone unturned in presenting his clients' side of the story, giving them a fair chance even when the evidence seems insurmountable.

In one of Mr. Jordan's successful cases at Edwards AFB, he helped a Test Parachutist escape punitive discharge and saved his career. The client in question – a seasoned military test parachutist - had been accused of violating Article 81, Article 132 and Article 134. He was accused of overbilling the government and charging them for lift and jump services not rendered by a contract vendor.

Mr. Jordan guided his client (a) not to talk to government investigators and (b) to request for individual military counsel from Capt Robert Crayne, Mr. Jordan's law school classmate who would strengthen the defense team. Capt Crayne and Mr. Jordan personally visited Edwards AFB to investigate the issue. After examining OSI interrogation videos, evaluating every aspect of the case, interviewing 30 witnesses and understanding the authorization mechanisms surrounding Air Force Parachutists, Mr. Jordan showed that the government had not conducted its investigations properly. By using the government's evidence against them, he pointed out the authorization on every invoice, essentially showing that his client had proceeded after request for services had been officially granted.

Mr. Jordan's client was acquitted of conspiracy, wrongful receipt of government funds and making false claims, and found guilty of obstruction of justice. He was saved from punitive discharge, and let off with a reprimand and reduction in grade one rank.


Edwards Air Force Base is located about 22 miles north-east of Lancaster, California. It is the Air Force Material Command center of excellence for R&D, and test and evaluation of aerospace systems for the United States and its allies. It has served as the primary proving ground of the Air Force's weapon systems, assessing their training, combat and combat support capabilities.

Edwards AFB is named after World War II hero Captain Glen Walter Edwards. It has played a key role in developing literally every aircraft to enter the Air Force inventory since World War II. As the base is located next to Rogers Dry Lake – a national historic landmark – it is equipped with a large and dry landing area, which is perfect for flight testing. The base has a rich history, and its commitment to excellence in ground and flight testing is rooted in its motto 'Ad Inexplorata...Toward the Unexplored.'



According to the 2010 census, Edwards AFB had a population of 2,063, with a majority of the residents in the age group of 25-44 years (38.9%). The base has been succesfully developmental tests and assessments of space, air and cyber systems to provide accurate and timely information to decision makers. It also actively conducts workshops and organizes events for active members and their families to partake in.


Instances of military crimes have been actively reported at the base, and its official website also documents cases to update members and reiterate their obligations with regard to professional code of conduct. While military crime reports often state violations and punishments without going to the heart of the issue, it is often the Edwards AFB UCMJ attorney handling the particular case and the parties involved, who know both sides of the story. It is important for service members to understand their rights and fight accusations. Failing to put up a strong defense can have potentially disastrous consequences on their career. Mr. Jordan advises individuals accused of military crimes to engage the services of an experienced court martial lawyer who understands the machinations of the prosecution to seek conviction at any cost.

Among instances of military crimes at Edwards AFB, some include:

  • In 2010, a technical sergeant assigned to the 95th Security Forces Squadron was found guilty of committing adultery, and sentenced to 90 days of hard labor without confinement, and a reduction in rank
  • In 2012 courts martial action, a senior airman purchased and used various controlled substances from Phoenix, Arizona, and brought them back to his dorm at Edwards AFB. He subsequently received a Bad Conduct Discharge, total forfeiture of pay and allowances, and six months confinement.
  • Multiple instances of Article 15 violations among airmen were awarded non-judicial punishment in 2012 and 2013


Joseph L. Jordan has a strong track-record of successfully challenging Article 120, Article 15, Article 32 and Article 31 cases. A seasoned Edwards AFB UCMJ lawyer, he is also a former service member who has led exhaustive investigations to present clients' side of the story compellingly. Personnel on active duty at the base accused of any military crime can rely on Mr. Jordan's considerable experience to win a favorable outcome.

Personnel on active duty at the base accused of any military crime can rely on Mr. Jordan's considerable experience to win a favorable outcome. Call (866) 971-4355 today.


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