Military personnel who are facing criminal charges have a lot to lose if they are convicted. Only an experienced and aggressive UCMJ lawyer can give you the representation you need to save your career.

If you are serving in Naval Base Kitsap and if you are facing a criminal charge, contact Joseph Jordan. You may say that the armed forces will provide you with an advocate, so why do you need a private attorney?

Attorneys of the armed forces are top notch lawyers, but they are just too overburdened and understaffed. It may not be possible for them to give your case their full attention. No one has a higher a stake in your case than you do. That is why it is important to have an aggressive and experienced Naval Base Kitsap UCMJ lawyer representing you, in this case Joseph Jordan.


Naval Base, Kitsap is one of the latest bases of the US navy. It was created in 2004, with the merger of Naval Submarine Base Bangor and Naval Station (former) Bremerton.

Bangor's history goes back to 1942. The site was used to ship ammunition to the Pacific theater during the 2nd World War. Seeing the strategic value of the base, it was decided that the base would be expanded and an additional 3100 hectares of land were purchased for nearly $19 million.


The base saw extensive action during the Korean War and the Vietnam War, when it was used as an ammunition depot to ship weapons. Naval Base Kitsap is the US Pacific Fleet's only submarine base that holds Trident ballistic missiles. The other one in Georgia belongs to the US Atlantic Fleet.


Naval Base, Kitsap is the host command for all navy vessels in West Puget Sound. It provides support for submarines and surface ships berthed at Bangor and Bremerton. It is also one of the largest naval bases in the US. It is a nuclear shipyard and also a storage facility for nuclear weapons.

Naval Base Kitsap is home to more than 12,000 armed forces personnel and 14,000 civilian employees. It also accomodates 18,000 family members of the personnel.

The large population of the naval base means that skirmishes and other military crimes will happen from time to time. One such instance in 2009 saw a group of five protestors including Jesuit priest William J. Bichsel cut through two security fences to reach the area where the nuclear weapons were stored. On reaching the site, the protestors strung up banners protesting against the nuclear weapons, sprinkled blood on the ground and prayed. All five protestors were later arrested and given prison sentences of two months.

In their effort to protect the country, military personnel sometimes find themselves framed in a legal tussle. If you have been charged with a military crime and if you about to face a court martial, you will need the assistance of an experienced military defense lawyer. He or she should be able to argue your case logically and effectively and get you a favourable outcome. If you are looking for such a lawyer, Joseph Jordan is the person you want to see.


Joseph Jordan is a former member of the armed forces himself and he has served as army prosecutor for several years. He has assisted enlisted men in their legal fights in many countries abroad too. He has an indepth knowledge of UCMJ law, which he will bring to the table when he represents you.

Joseph Jordan has represented clients in military crimes like sexual assualt, manslaughter, attempted murder, drug crimes, adultery, obstruction of justice and many others. He can also defend you in case you have been charged under Article 15 or if you are going to face a Separation Board.

To request legal assistance in Naval Base Kitsap, please contact Joseph Jordan today.


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