One of the first rules of the military is to never break rules, especially when on active duty. The pressure to adhere to the code of conduct is something that every soldier, marine, sailor and airman has to deal with during his or her service period. Unfortunately, not everyone can do so and at some point or the other, they may make mistakes under pressure that could cost them their career and even freedom.

Joseph L. Jordan is a dedicated RAF Croughton military criminal defense attorney with the aim of defending innocent army personnel. With 11 years of service experience in the Military, Mr. Jordan thoroughly understands the UCMJ and also how the prosecution works. With this understanding and his skills as a defense counsel, he does his best to defend his clients.


RAF station Croughton is a U.S. Air Force communications base located 20 miles from Oxford and 70 miles from London. The air force station, which was built in 1938, has been operational for over 60 years now and serves as home to the 422 nd Air Base Group. RAF Croughton has one of the world's largest military switchboards, the biggest in Europe, and processes around a third of all communications for the U.S. Military in Europe.


Besides worldwide communication processing, the 422 nd ABG provides installation support, force protection and other services as well. With 23 communications and information weapon systems, the station supports Presidential, Central Command, NATO and European operations. Presently, the 422 nd ABG, which is also the 501 st Combat Support Wing, comprises of four 422 nd squadrons - Communications Squadron, Civil Engineer Squadron, Air Base Squadron as well as the Security Forces Squadron. The group has strength of approximately 600 people, of which more than 250 are in active military duty at any given time.


The local community of RAF Croughton has a number of programs that make the personnel's transition to the UK as easy and stress free as possible. Besides schools, banks and other essential service, the community has a spouse employment program, and airman deployment and family readiness program to support those stationed at the base.

The community also frequently hosts a number of competitive and recreational activities for the airmen and their families. RAF Croughton has fitness centers, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, among other community amenities for the members residing in the area.

Frequency of crimes reported in the area is relatively low, but the possibility of sex or drug related crimes involving army personnel or their dependants in the base cannot be entirely ruled out. Should you or your loved one be charged of a crime during active duty, hiring an aggressive RAF Croughton court martial attorney is the first thing to do.


When you are charged of a crime by the U.S. Military, you can feel singled out. Your family and friends may support you, but to prove your innocence and protect your true rights, you need the legal counsel of a credible RAF Croughton court martial attorney who will stand by you through the ordeal.

Joseph L. Jordan is an experienced and able military criminal defense lawyer with years of experience defending U.S. Military personnel stationed across the world. You could be charged of theft, assault, sex or drug related crimes, or even man slaughter. Regardless of how serious the offense may be, you can rely on the aggressive approach Mr. Jordan adopts to help you.

With his experience, knowledge and tact, Mr. Jordan will develop the best defense strategies to not only protect your rights but also prove your innocence. Call (866) 624-7503 today to get started. 


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