In a military setting like Ellsworth Air Force Base, servicemen are constantly expected to demonstrate high standards of morality and obedience. If, in such a strict environment, military personnel are accused of military crimes, it could have a very negative impact on the career of the accused. In situations like these, it is critical to appoint a military criminal defense lawyer, who can understand your case very well, and will be able to fight for your rights in the court.


On January 2, 1942, the war department founded the Rapid City Army Air Base. The initial purpose of the base was to be a training site for pilots flying the B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft. The officials at the base trained thousands of navigators, gunners, radio operators, and pilots, belonging to bombardment groups and other small units.

The mission of the base changed in July 1945. The mission became primarily to train pilots and combat squadrons in weather reconnaissance. Aircrafts like the P-61 Black Widow, P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang and B-25 Mitchell were used for training purposes. After the end of the war, Ellsworth AFB was temporarily inactivated between 1946 and 1947.

In 1947, the 28th Bombardment Wing arrived at the base, and the name of the base was also changed to Rapid City Air Force Base. In 1949, the base received its first B-36 Peacemaker aircraft.

In March, 1953 the base was renamed in honor of Brig. Gen. Richard E. Ellsworth, who commanded the 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. Ellsworth AFB welcomed its first B-52 Stratofortress assigned by the Headquarters Strategic Command in 1957.

In 1958, the 821st Strategic Aerospace Division took complete control of all units at Ellsworth AFB. During the 1960s, the base saw the arrival of many ballistic missiles, including the Titan I intercontinental ballistic missile, and the 150 Minuteman I, which was later replaced by the 150 Minuteman II. The base went through many changes in the 1990s after the Cold War.

In 1999, the Expeditionary Air Force Unit was the host unit at the base. In 2001, B-1B bombers from the 37th Bomb Squadron in Ellsworth joined the 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron and maintained an amazing combat duty record in Afghanistan.


Today, the 28th Bomb Wing is the host unit at Ellsworth AFB. The 28th Bomb Wing is assigned to the 12th Air Force, which is under the Air Control Command. The base provides support for 3,611 active duty officers. The main mission of the host unit is to drop bombs on pre-decided targets. The wing flies B1-B lancers and MQ-9 aircrafts for the reaper missions. The 28th Bomb Wing has four groups for support. They are the 28th Operations Group, 28th Mission Support Group, the 28th Medical Group and the 28th Maintenance Group.


In recent times, Ellsworth AFB has been in the news for airmen charged for sexual violations. A1C Andrew Certa was sent to three years in confinement, along with a grade reduction and loss of pay and allowance. He had sexually assaulted many women over the course of his service period. Once, his violations were discovered he was charged with abusive sexual contact, obstruction of justice, dereliction of duty among many other charges.

In another instance of sexual assault, SMSgt. Massey is facing five years in confinement and grade reduction. He was accused of sexually assaulting his daughter since 2011. After his daughter accused him of sexual assault in 2012, he was charged with abusive sexual contact, and another charge of indecent viewing.


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