The United States Naval Academy is a legendary institution in the United States that has trained those who want to join the United States Navy for more than a century. The Plebe program offered by the Academy is known for being very rigorous and many who start the program do not graduate. For midshipmen in the US Naval Academy, maintaining their reputation is of the utmost importance.

Even the most trivial criminal charges against them can lead to their being removed from the academy, which can be a serious blow to their careers. This is why, you need to seek help from an experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney like Joseph L. Jordan who will represent you passionately. Any top-notch Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like him will not rest till the charges against you have been dismissed.


Of the five service academies in the United States, the US Naval Academy is the second-oldest. This academy was established way back in 1845 by George Bancroft – the then Secretary of the Navy. It is located in Annapolis in Maryland and offers free training to allow cadets to join the US Navy in exchange for service in the Navy. Students who study at the academy are known as midshipmen and they graduate to become second lieutenants in the Marine Corps or ensigns in the Navy. Midshipmen are awarded Bachelor of Science degrees and they are graded upon their military performance too and they must adhere to a strict Honor Concept that is practiced by everyone on the academy.

The US Naval Academy campus that measures 338 acres is also a National Historical Landmark. The academy has been ranked the best public liberal arts college in the country and it also offers some of the best engineering programs for undergraduates. The US Naval Academy has played an important role in every wartime and peacetime effort carried out by the United States military since the academy was started.


The Naval Academy celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1995 and to honor this day, the US Post Office issued a postage stamp marking this day on 10th October 1995. Some of the graduates from this academy have gone on to have stellar careers themselves. Lieutenant Commander Wendy B. Lawrence was appointed as a mission specialist on the Endeavour Space Shuttle and she was the first woman from the United States Naval Academy to fly into space having graduated from the Academy in 1981.

Sadly, 14 alumni of the academy lost their lives in the attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC on September 11, 2001. Since August 2007, the United States Naval Academy has restricted liberty for its students as per the directive of Superintendent Vice Admiral Jeffrey Fowler to improve squad interaction as the United States is a nation at war. In the year 2007, the Memorial Hall on the academy campus hosted the Annapolis Conference that included participants from 50 nations to discuss the Israel-Palestine peace process.

As one of the oldest and most important service academies in the country, the United States Naval Academy has seen many scandals. The cheating scandal of 1994 rocked the nation and is still a talking point. It has also seen many sex crimes, the most recent of which occurred in 2013. Three players from the United States Naval Academy had been accused of raping a female student of the academy at a party that was conducted off campus. She was intoxicated at the time and woke up to find that the perpetrators of the crime were bragging about the assault on social media websites and to their friends. In situations like these, you need the best Military Criminal Defense Attorney like Joseph Jordan to fight your case to get justice.


Having served 11 years in the armed forces himself, Joseph Jordan has a unique insight into this world that makes him a highly skilled Military Criminal Defense Lawyer in the country. If you are involved in sexual assault, UCMJ violations, conspiracy or any other criminal cases, then you must get his help.

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