Military personnel dedicated to serving the nation need to be very careful about their reputation. Even the most trivial charges can threaten the progress of their career. In case of severe criminal charges, enlisted personnel face the risk of losing their careers altogether, being dishonorably discharged and even being imprisoned.

If you are face the charges of sexual assault, UCMJ violations, misdemeanors or any other criminal charges while at the Minot AFB, you need to have the best Military Criminal Defense Attorney on your side to fight your case aggressively. One such Minot AFB Military Criminal Defense Attorney is Joseph L. Jordan who has years of experience helping enlisted personnel prove their innocence in the court of law.


The Minot AFB was originally created to be Defense Command base for the United States Air Force in the year 1957 and was officially opened on 10th January. The Minot AFB was named after the nearby town of Minot in North Dakota. It became a very important Strategic Air Command base in the early 60s. In those days, the Minot AFB had manned bombers, aerial refueling aircrafts and intercontinental ballistic missiles, which is why it was used as an SAC base.

In 1992, the SAC was deactivated and this lead to the nuclear mission of the base being divided and placed under two commands. Manned bombers went to the Air Command Combat and missiles went to the Air Force Space Command. By early 2010, the manned bombers and missiles were transferred to the newly established Air Force Global Strike Command, which was set-up in 2009.


The host unit of the Minot Air Force Base is the 5th Bomb Wing that is a part of the Global Strike Command. The most important mission of the 5th Bomb Wing is to operate and maintain all the B-25H bombers that have been assigned to the 69th Bomb Squadron as well as the 23rd Bomb Squadron. Minot AFB also has the distinction of being one of the only two remaining air force bases in the country with B-52 bombers. The host unit includes the 5th Medical Group, 5th Mission Support Group, 5th Maintenance Group and 5th Operations Group.

The Minot AFB is also home to the 91st Missile Wing that is also part of the Global Strike Command. This unit is responsible for the maintenance of the Minuteman three nuclear missiles that are located in the north, south and west fields of the air force base. This wing was renamed from 91st Space Wing in 2008. The 91st Missile Wing is one of the only three Air Force intercontinental ballistic missile units. Apart from the maintenance of the nuclear missiles, a team of UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters is also operated by the wing.

Like most other air force bases, Minot AFB is not free from scandal and notoriety. The air force base became famous for some incidents and crashes involving tankers as well as aircraft in the Cold War era. However, in recent times, Minot AFB became famous for two incidents involving nuclear missiles. A B-52 bomber took off from Minot AFB on 30th August 2007 carrying six cruise missiles as well as nuclear warheads and surprisingly no one at the base knew that nuclear warheads were present in the aircraft. Also, in July, 2008, officers at Minot AFB fell asleep while they were in control of a system that contained launch codes for nuclear missiles.

In such cases, you need to have a committed Minot AFB Military Criminal Defense Attorney like Joseph Jordan to present your side accurately. With experienced counsel, you can clear your name and prevent your reputation from being tarnished.


Joseph Jordan is based in Texas, but has represented military personnel from different bases around the country and abroad including Minot Air Force Base. The Minot AFB Military Criminal Defense Attorney has served 11 years in the defense forces and this has given him all the insight needed to be an excellent civilian military defense counsel. He is committed to getting clients acquitted swiftly and is known for representing his clients in court aggressively.

For fighting the charges of sexual assault, misdemeanor, conspiracy or UCMJ violation, you can get to Joseph Jordan for help. Call (866) 361-4723 today to get started.


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