Having an experienced military defense attorney by your side is an invaluable help when you are facing legal charges during your service at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. As a member of the United States defense services, you deserve the very best legal help and representation possible. Joseph Jordan, experienced Davis Monthan AFB military defense attorney, will bring to bear his considerable experience in this area to safeguard your rights and get you a fair hearing.

Whether you are facing serious charges of sexual assault, murder or assault or less serious ones dealt with through NJP hearings, you need to mount an effective and immediate defense. Call Joseph Jordan to know what steps to take as soon as you come to know about legal proceedings being initiated against you.


This United States Air Force Base is located in Arizona, near Tucson. Originally named Davis Monthan Landing Field when it was established in 1925, the base got its current name in 1941. Some world renown personalities are associated with this base, most famous of them being Amelia Earhart who, along with Lindbergh was a customer of the air field. The base's name comes from two WWI pilots- Samuel Davis and Oscar Monthan.

Davis Monthan AFB's primary purpose is to employ and sustain combat support forces and combat forces and also enable HLS and JFACC operations. Top notch training is provided here to A-10C pilots, empowering them to fulfill the requirements of the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Combat Air Forces etc.

The host unit stationed at this base is the 355 th Fighter Wing. Apart from this unit, the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, the 563 rd Rescue Group, the 79 th Rescue Squadron, the 612 th Air Communications Squadron and Air and Space Operations Center and many other units function out of this base as well.


Criminal charges brought against you in the air force can have a long lasting and serious impact on your career. This is especially true if you are facing serious charges that may leave a permanent blemish on your military record, preventing you from finding post- service employment on par with your skills and qualifications. Further education opportunities may also be limited for air force service members whose record indicates legal proceedings. To ensure that justice is done to you and that you do not end up becoming the victim of disproportionately severe punishment, you need support and representation from an experienced Davis Monthan AFB military defense lawyer like Jordan.

With Mr. Jordan's help, you can gather all the facts in your favor in a timely manner, collate and present them at your hearing so that your innocence is clearly established beyond all doubt. Mr. Jordan's stint as Army prosecutor in Korea and Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood) and his past experience as legal assistance attorney, chief of claims, interim chief of justice, operational law attorney, administrative law attorney and interim chief of military justice give him a comprehensive insight into the way the legal processes unfold in defense establishments. This allows him to prepare you thoroughly for the hearing so that you can present the facts with confidence and conviction.

As a well-known Davis Monthan AFB UCMJ attorney, Mr. Jordan has represented air force personnel across the United States and in foreign locations as well. His compassionate guidance, unstinting support and aggressive defense have helped his clients safeguard their rights effectively.

Protect your name, rank, and reputation in face of legal charges. Call Joseph Jordan's law offices right away.


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