Protecting your reputation and rank during and after criminal accusations have been leveled against you can prove to be an immense challenge. Only when you are fully aware of your rights as an honorable member of the United States defense forces can you ensure that justice is truly being done with you. Often, military proceedings progress at fast pace, leaving little time and offering little opportunity for you to plan your stance or gather witnesses and data to support your position in the case. These are the aspects that are covered comprehensively when you have an able, highly skilled and experienced Cannon AFB Military Defense Attorney by your side.

If you are facing an Article 32 investigation, a court martial, non- judicial punishment under Article 15, sexual assault accusations or any other charges, our founding attorney Joseph Jordan is your best ally. As a former servicemen himself, Mr. Jordan understands exactly how difficult life as an air force man can be and how even a small misstep can be viewed as a major offense under certain circumstances. Our team of qualified, experienced Cannon AFB Military Defense Lawyers will gather all the facts of your case, advice you on what you should or should not to avoid implicating yourself further.

We have represented air force men and other defense forces personnel from every part of the country and even those stationed abroad. We are here to fight for your rights and ensure that you have every opportunity to explain your actions as a committed air force man at the Cannon AFB.


Located in New Mexico, Cannon AFB is a major installation of the Air Combat Command. This base is named after World War II combat commander General John Cannon who was also a former chief of United States air force in Europe. The base was originally a civilian passenger terminal which was established in the 1920s. Known as Portair Field, this field was renamed as Clovis Municipal Airport a decade later and then transformed into Clovis Air base when the country plunged into the World War II. It was in 1957, that the Cannon AFB name was given to this base.

The host unit here is the 27th Special Operations Wing or SOW which is a member of the AFSOC. The unit undertakes specialized operations, infiltration/ exfiltration operations, precision fire support, re-supply of special ops forces and more.

In view of the recent focus on sexual harassment incidences within armed forces, Cannon AFB too has come out with programs and policies to protect its staff. Awareness programs are being organized here to ensure that such incidents do not occur and that, if they do, the victim gets immediate assistance and justice. However, at times these mechanisms can be misused and innocent airmen may find themselves bearing the brunt of intense scrutiny or even an official investigation. It is in such cases that an experienced defense lawyer can prove to be of invaluable help.


Presenting your case in an effective manner is critical in any hearing but when you are a part of the United States Air Force, this assumes even more importance. The reason is that the air force has access to top notch legal professionals and it has none of the financial constraints that limit your abilities. The prosecution has immense experience and all of this comes into play against you during the hearing. This is especially true when you are facing serious charges, which may be decided through a court martial proceeding, Article 120 proceeding, prosecution for drug crimes, murder/ manslaughter or similar charges. In such situations it is imperative not just that you present facts in your favor with conviction but also that you avoid making statements that lower your chances of proving your innocence.

We will guide you on what to do and what to say so that your rights and interests are fully protected in these difficult, and often confusing, circumstances. Mr. Jordan will advise you about your rights and guide you on how to approach the hearing or court martial in the right way to maximize your chances of achieving acquittal.

Talk to a qualified and highly experienced Cannon AFB Military Defense Lawyer like Joseph Jordan as soon as you come to know of pending disciplinary proceedings against you.


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