Military personnel are placed under more scrutiny than most other working professionals. They must maintain a spotless record, otherwise they face the risk of not only hampering their career growth, but also losing their jobs altogether. Military personnel on the Holloman AFB need an experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney to help them maintain their reputation and their future with the US Military. If you are facing UCMJ violation, misdemeanor, sexual assault or any other type of criminal charges, you need an experienced Holloman AFB Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph L. Jordan to fight your case aggressively and present your side of the case effectively.


Construction of the Holloman AFB began in February, 1942 west of the town of Alamogordo in New Mexico. It was originally planned to host British Overseas Training programs but this was never took shape. By June 10, 1942, the Holloman AFB was home to the Alamogordo Field Training Station and the Alamogordo Army Air Base. However, in those days, this military base was not named Holloman.

On November 21, 1942, the Alamogordo Army Air Field was named and from 1942-45, it housed over 20 groups for training purposes. This air force base has a distinguished history and training started here in 1943. On October 10, 1952, the Holloman Air Development Center became a base operating unit. This air force based was named the Holloman Air Force Base on January 13th, 1948. Some of the distinguished military personnel who have trained here include Captain Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. and Lt Colonel (Dr.) John P. Stapp.


Some of the most important military testing is done at Holloman AFB as it has the longest and fastest test track in the world. Speeds on this test track can reach up to 3050 m/s and the track measures 16kms in length. The host wing of the Holloman AFB is the 49th Wing and they support security activities on a national level and are used to worldwide to deploy wartime as well as peacetime contingencies. There are F-22 Raptors and combat ready Airmen in the wing and they train MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1 Predator pilots along with sensor operators.

The Holloman Air Force Base host wing has a distinguished history, just like the Holloman AFB itself and it has served in Korea, Southwest Asia and in Southeast Asia and in World War 2 and various NATO Allied Operations. The 49th Wing also supports civilian operations like delivering Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources and Air Transportable Clinics.

Apart from the host 49th Wing, Holloman AFB is also home to the 96th Test Group that is an Air Force Materiel Command. This unit is responsible for the evaluation and testing of new aircraft systems and equipment. The Squadrons of this unit are 846th Test Squadron, 781st Test Squadron, 586th Test Squadron and the 746th Test Squadron.

The Holloman Air Force Base also hosts the German Air Force Flying Training Center. Recently, the German authorities announced that their Air Force units in Fort Bliss will be moved to the Holloman AFB.

Like most other Air Force bases in the country, Holloman AFB is not free from scandal. On October 16, 2013, a female military personnel at the base brought charges of rape and sexual assault against a male airman. The accused airman was held at the Holloman AFB and decided to go to trial. The military judge had denied the victim her due rights which was later appealed successfully at the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Criminal cases are never easy and military personnel need a top-quality Holloman AFB Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph Jordan to help present the facts properly. Having a lawyer like Joseph Jordan could make the difference between getting justice and a mistrial or dismissal.


Joseph Jordan is the right person for criminal cases involving military personnel as he has served 11 years in the US armed forces. This gives him great insight as a civilian military defense counsel. He is known to be aggressive and committed and has successfully proved the innocence of his clients over the years.

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