Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies. The concept is that one is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what the law says about reasonable doubt, there is an unwritten presumption within the ranks of the military that if you are charged with sexual assault, then you are guilty. The stakes are your life! Your military counsel works for the same military that charged you. Consider that as you choose who represents you in your potentially life altering case.

Experienced Air Station Savannah Military Criminal Defense Lawyer to Protect your Rights

A career in the defense forces can be a challenging one full of opportunities to prove his/ her mettle. The rigorous lifestyle, stringent regulations hone the serviceman’s innate discipline and fortitude. However, at times, there are circumstances when you may suffer a lapse in judgment. Even a minor offence is viewed with gravity in the defense forces. As a result you may stand accused of misdemeanors or even face criminal charges.

To protect your rights, you need support and guidance from a seasoned Air Station Savannah Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph L. Jordan. Mr. Jordan has represented defense personnel stationed at various bases across the U.S. and abroad. Although based in Texas, his services are available to all service men and women stationed in Air Station Savannah as well.


A Brief overview of Air Station Savannah

Air Station Savannah was established in the year 1963. At that point in time, the station was commissioned in what was known as Hunter Air Force Base. The Coast Guard established its HH 52A BOTU- Basic Operational Training Unit here in Savannah which set the stage for the specialized aviator training program that is now operational.

This base is the largest helicopter base in the Coast Guard and it provides SAR coverage over the 450 miles of shoreline extending between the Northern border of South Carolina and Melbourne, Florida. Apart from the 250 search and rescue operations it handles each year, the Air Station Savannah also undertakes missions to enforce maritime law, support marine safety and protect the environment as well as preventing drug trafficking across its areas of responsibility.

Recent Incidents at CGAS Savannah

The most recent rescue carried out by Air Station Savannah involved two men whose vessel had run aground near Coos Bay. The Air Station's helicopter crew located both men and their dog, hoisted them aboard and transported them to the Bay Area Hospital for treatment. In May this year, the Air Station Savannah carried out another successful rescue by medically evacuating a boater aboard a vessel about 80 miles of the Georgia coast. The Air Station is accredited with several such successful operations and its servicemen have earned a reputation for their exemplary discipline and commitment to the task at hand. However, stray incidents of misdemeanor have been reported through the years at this station. Servicemen have been charged under Article 120, Article 15 or court martialed. When faced with such charges, it is imperative for the serviceman to talk to a competent, highly experienced Air Station Savannah Military Criminal Defense Attorney like Joseph L. Jordan.

Expert Air Station Savannah Military Criminal Defense Lawyer at your Service

When a member of the defense services faces criminal charges, he comes up against highly skilled prosecutors who have years of experience in the legal arena. With virtually unlimited funding, access to top notch information collection experts and the backing of stringent military law, these prosecutors are well equipped to build a convincing case against the accused. It is an enormous challenge for the accused service man or woman to face these prosecutors and emerged unscathed. However, with an experienced Air Station Savannah Court Martial Attorney like Joseph Jordan by your side, you can present the facts of your case in the most favorable way.

Air Station Savannah Military Criminal Defense Lawyer Joseph L. Jordan has a decade of experience fighting for the rights of defense personnel. As a former serviceman himself, Mr. Jordan is fully aware of the many pressures that Coast Guardsmen and women face on a daily basis. He also understands the importance of quickly establishing his clients' innocence so that their coast guard career is not blemished. In a recent Article 120 case in Fort Sam Houston, Mr. Jordan's aggressive representation resulted in the charges being dropped and his client's innocence being proven beyond doubt.

If you are facing criminal charges or are being called up to face a tribunal, learn about your rights from Joseph L. Jordan. Call (888) 616-6177 today to get started.

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