The Norfolk Naval Base is more popularly known as the Naval Station Norfolk and is one of the most important military bases in the country. In such a distinguished naval base, reputation is of the utmost importance. Enlisted personnel on this base who have been slapped with criminal charges not only stand the risk of having their reputations tarnished but they can also be discharged and can lose their careers.

To prevent this from happening, you need the most skilled Military Criminal Defense Lawyer like Joseph L. Jordan who on your side. Such an eminent Military Criminal Defense Attorney will ensure that your case is presented accurately and aggressively and Joseph Jordan will not rest till you have been proven innocent.


The Norfolk Naval Base or the Naval Station Norfolk is an important base of the US Navy and it supports the naval forces in the Fleet Forces Command of the United States. The Norfolk Naval Base supports the Fleet Forces Command that operates in the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Located in Norfolk in the state of Virginia, is it the biggest naval station in the world housing 134 aircraft, 11 aircraft hangars, 14 piers and 75 ships. The Norfolk Naval Base is also famous for housing the largest number of US Navy forces.

On average, 275 flights operations are carried out each day, which amounts to 100,000 flight operations in a year. Construction of the Norfolk Naval Base began in 1917 – on Independence Day. By 1918, the base was home to 34,000 enlisted personnel. The construction of this base was necessary to lead the US efforts in World War 1. After the war, the Norfolk Naval Base grew and had more than 1200 enlisted personnel, 65 aircrafts and 167 officers. It was renamed as Naval Air Station Norfolk on July 12, 1921. The Norfolk Naval Base saw rapid growth and change during World War 2 when millions of dollars were being pumped into the base to allow it to support war efforts.

The Norfolk Naval Base had an important role to play in putting a man on the moon in 1968. It was the Recovery Control Center Atlantic for the Apollo 7 mission and was responsible for control, communications and command of all aircraft and ships assigned in the Apollo 7 recovery operations.


After the wars, the Norfolk Naval Base underwent significant changes. Initially it stored inactive aircraft carriers, submarines and reserve vessels. On January 1, 1953, the name of the base was changed to Naval Station Norfolk from Naval Operation Base. The base was operating at peak levels right after World War 2 and it was the most important supplier of aircraft parts and was a rework plant that was also classified as industrial at one point. Between 1980 and 1981, the Norfolk Naval Base handled 132,000 passengers, 135,478 operations for aircrafts and 29,832 tons of air cargo.

Due to the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) in 1996, the Norfolk Naval Base, which was known as Naval Aviation Depot Norfolk, had to shut down. Post the Cold War era and in the 90s, the Navy started programs to make their bases more streamlined and efficient. The naval air station was converted into the NAVSTA Norfolk Air Department and the Airfield became Naval Station Norfolk in 1999.

Like any other major military bases, the Norfolk Naval Base has its fair share of incidents. The most recent incident that caused nationwide alarm was the shooting of a sailor on the base by a truck driver who had managed to avoid security barriers. This breach of security by a seemingly unskilled person caused alarm. In such situation when you need a strong defense team on your side, you need the services of experienced Military Criminal Defense Lawyer – Joseph Jordan.


With over 11 years of service in the armed forces in the United States and abroad, Joseph Jordan is perfectly poised to be one of the best civilian military defense counsel in the country. He has provided aggressive representation to Sailors stationed at Norfolk Naval Base in the past. With him as your Military Criminal Defense Lawyer, you can rest assured that you will be represented uncompromisingly and will have the best chance at preventing a discharge.

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