Things to Do near Germany Bases (blog series)

The Basics

Seasonal Attractions:

  • Oktoberfest- German Beer festivals have become a staple for Autumn travelers in Europe. Some of the most famous festivals happen in Bavaria, but the trend has spread all over Germany to promote tourism. Fests happen all through October, so there is plenty of time to visit one… or more!
  • Christmas Markets- Strasbourg, France, is perhaps the most famous European city for its Christmas markets, but many German cities have joined the trend and created stunning holiday attractions. Old towns, beautiful architecture, open-air markets with Christmas lights and decorations make for quite the romantic outing!
  • Botanical Gardens and Nature Attractions in Spring- Although these natural attractions are open year-round, Spring is the most popular season due to intensity of blooming flowers and colorful scenery.
  • Sunday Shopping Days- Most shops in Germany, like in the US, are closed on Sundays. But several times a year shops open on Sundays to allow extra shopping and sales to occur.
  • The Alps- As snow season begins, so do the opportunities for skiing and winter sports! The Alps are mountains that create a natural divide between Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and France. 

Sports in Germany

  • Soccer (Football): The Bundesliga is Germany’s Division one football league with 18 teams located all over Germany. 
  • Ice Hockey: One of the most popular sports in Germany second only to European Football is Ice Hockey. With professional and local leagues everywhere, matches are surely nearby wherever you travel.
  • Basketball Bundesliga: Luckily for American soldiers, basketball is another extremely popular sport in Germany. The Bundesliga-1, like in football, is the top league.
  • Motorsports: It is easy to guess that the home of the Audubon would have a motorsports scene. German teams are regular contenders in Formula One (F1) races, and there are sporting events often. Nearby Stuttgart is home to two famous auto museums, the Porsche Museum and Mercedes-Benz Museum. 
  • Winter Sports: Almost anywhere in Southwest Germany is a day trip away from the Alps of Germany, Switzerland, or France. Here, skiing, snowboarding, luge, and other popular winter sports are an important seasonal attraction that makes Germany one of the top countries in the world for winter sports 

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