Things to do near The Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC)

Notable Castles and Cathedrals:

    • Nanstein Castle
    • Burg Hohenecken
    • Burg Lichtenberg
    • Eltz Castle 
    • Freiburger Münster
    • Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus (Frankfurt Cathedral)
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg 
  • Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Palace)
  • Trier Saint Peter’s Cathedral 

Kaiserslautern Food, Beer and Wine:

  • German Wine Road
  • Bad Dürkheim (Sausage Market)
  • Beer Tankard Museum Kaiserslautern

Sports and Outdoors (Specific to KMC)

  • Fritz-Walter Stadium- Adjacent to the Kaiserslautern Military Community; home of FC Kaiserslautern and site of the FIFA World Cup in 2006. 
  • Several Bundesliga- 1 football teams are are located in or near Southwest Germany, including Entracht Frankfurt, SC Frieburg, FSV Mainz, VfB Stuttgart, and Hannover 96.
  • Kaiserslautern MC Eagles Hockey- Military/Non-military Hobby League Ice Hockey team
  • Naturpark Pfälzerwald, also referred to as Pfalz Walk Nature Park Trails, Palatinate Forest, and sometimes Karlstalschlucht/Trippstadt.
  • Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern
  • Geierlay Suspension Bridge (Hängeseilbrüke Geierlay)

Nearby Cities

Kaiserslautern- Kaiserslautern is the closest city to Ramstein Air Force Base, US Army Garrison Rheinland-Phalz Landstuhl and Baumholder, and Army Kleber Kaserne, which make up the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC). 

Stuttgart- The closest city to Patch Barracks, and a short drive or train ride away from Kaiserslautern. Stuttgart has several popular tourist sites, such as the Porsche Museum, the Mercedes-Benz Museum, a 10th Century Old Castle, and a sleek modern public library with unparalleled city views. Stuttgart also has a conveniently located airport that hosts many European low-budget airlines. 

Heidelberg- One of the most underrated cities in Germany, Heidelberg is a quaint German town on the Neckar river famous for having one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. 

Mannheim- Just North of Heidelberg on the Rhine and Neckar rivers, Mannheim is also a University town, but offers a different style of architecture to visit. See a baroque style palace and the Schwetzingen Castle. There’s something for everyone, from the Luisenpark and butterfly house to a Technoseum, for science, industry and technology.

Worms- Just a short drive North of Manheim is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Worms is considered a tourist gem and boasts pre-roman architecture. Its Dom St. Peter is an important cathedral and historic monument from the 1100s. 

Saarbrüken- The capital of Saarland state of Germany. Some unique attractions to Saarbrüken include a Christian art museum and concert hall, an Ironwork museum, a prehistory museum with dinosaur shows, and a converted museum of sand-mining caves that served as a wartime refuge. 

Frankfurt- Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, attracts business from all over the world, making it a center for great restaurants, museums and culture, shopping, and entertainment. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the most famous German writers in history, was born in Frankfurt. Many monuments are named after Goethe, and his house (restored after destruction in World War II) is fully restored as a museum. Because of its many business-trip-visitors and casual travelers, Frankfurt has also a beacon for those interested in nightlife and adult entertainment. 

Mainz- Germany’s Wine Capital, Mainz, is crammed full of 2,000 years of history. From its Roman Cathedral to Medieval old town architecture, to Renaissance fountains and sculptures, Mainz is a city no one wants to miss. The Gutenberg Museum brings to life the information revolution that brought Europe out of the dark ages: the creation of the printing press. 

Cologne & Bonn- Home to one of the most famous cathedrals in Europe, Cologne is a cultural center of the western German region. Bonn, set just South of Cologne, is the birthplace of Beethoven and another historic cultural center. The Museum Ludwig has one of the largest collections of Picasso in Europe, and other top museums in this area are dedicated to chocolate, perfume, roman history, zoology research, mineralogy, archeology, mathematics, and modern and historic art. Each of these beautiful waterside cities has botanical gardens, historic fountains and statues, and open markets.

Strasbourg (France)- Strasbourg is a short hop-and-skip over the French border, but you might never notice because of its intricate mix of French and German ancestry. Strasbourg is located in Alsace-Lorraine, a region of France transferred between French and German ownership at least four times throughout recent history. Strasbourg is a fortified city famous for its wine, delicious food, architecture, and museums. But, Strasbourg is best known as a site of international relations and European pride. It is one of the four capitals of the European Union, and home to European Parliament, European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe, and many more esteemed international institutions. 

Important note: Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union, so border checks occur often. Make sure to bring your passport and be prepared to answer routine questions. 

Basel (Germany/France/Switzerland)- Basel is a truly international city because of its unique location-- in three different countries. There are German, French, and Swiss sections of the city separated by walkable borders and riverfront views. It’s a hidden gem for culture and considered one of the art capitals of Europe. Basel is easily navigable by tram and has a small-but-mighty airport hub for ultra-cheap trans-European flights. 

Schaffhausen (Switzerland)- Schaffhausen is a Swiss-German border city steeped in authentic architecture and charm. The Old Town does not allow cars, which preserves the historic walkable streets with ornately painted merchant houses and shops. From most anywhere in town, the Munot fortress is visible high on a hill overlooking the Rhine. A train ride into Schaffhausen often crosses the Swiss-German border several times and provides scenic views of the countryside nearby. 

Zürich (Switzerland)- Many travelers are surprised to learn that Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland, although Zurich’s position as a business and financial center would suggest otherwise. Zurich is home to one of the busiest airports in the region. Its idyllic architecture, historic landmarks, and immaculate public transport represent all the best parts of Swiss life. 

Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)- Visit a city and a new country in Luxembourg. Nestled between Germany, France, and Belgium, Luxembourg is one of the smallest and also wealthiest countries in Europe. Lonely Planet calls Luxembourg “underestimated,” and “among the world’s top three nations in… wine consumption.” Luxembourg is quick to navigate to by car or train, and its stance as an international country make it a fairly easy place to communicate for English speakers. While official languages are Luxembourgish, German, and French, Luxembourg City is one of the host capitals for the European Union, so other languages are widely spoken. 


College Towns Near Kaiserslautern-

German Universities are famous for their rigor and international prestige. It is also rare for German universities to charge tuition, which makes attendance all the more appealing for a variety of German citizens and international students. University towns can be magnets for culture and history and offer many attractions for young people such as eateries, breweries and wineries, concert and sports venues, and clubs. 

  • Kaiserslautern University of Technology
  • University of Stuttgart
    University of Heidelberg
  • University of Mannheim
  • Goethe University Frankfurt
  • University of Mainz
  • University of Paderborn
  • Saarland University
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • University of Tübingen


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