Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law proudly defends members of all five branches of the military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Each of these branches of the armed forces has special operations units.

These include:

As a member of one of these special operations units, your reputation means a great deal to your career. Being charged with a crime can cause a major setback for your promotion or end your military career altogether. You need an aggressive and experienced military defense lawyer if you are a member of the Special Forces and are facing criminal charges or a court-martial.

Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law can provide the capable defense that you need. Mr. Jordan served for three years as an enlisted Soldier before becoming an officer and eventually an Army Judge Advocate General's Corps officer. He has a personal understanding of the U.S. military and how important it is to maintain a clean record and solid reputation. No matter what special operations unit you are a member of, our firm can provide the defense that you need.


Each branch of the military has special operations unit to conduct unconventional warfare. These specially trained units are sent out to complete tasks that conventional forces could not complete. One of the most well-known examples would be the identification, hunting, and elimination of terrorists. Special operations units often operate at night in a low-profile manner, using the elements of speed, surprise, and action against an unsuspecting target.

In 1987, the U.S. Department of Defense created the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), mandating a new four-star command to carry out assigned missions by special operations units.

USSOCOM has the following responsibilities and authorities as decided by Congress:

  • Develop special operations strategy, doctrine, and tactics
  • Prepare and submit budget proposals for Special Operations Forces (SOF)
  • Exercise authority, direction and control over special operations expenditures
  • Train assigned forces
  • Conduct specialized courses of instruction
  • Validate requirements
  • Establish requirement priorities
  • Ensure interoperability of equipment and forces
  • Formulate and submit intelligence support requirements
  • Monitor SOF officers' promotions, assignments, retention, training, and professional military education
  • Ensure Special Operations Forces' combat readiness
  • Monitor Special Operations Forces' preparedness to carry out assigned missions
  • Develop and acquire special operations-peculiar equipment, materiel, supplies, and services

These responsibilities prove that anyone who aspires to serve in Special Operations Forces must undergo extensive, grueling training and prove that he or she is the best of the best.


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We also provide excellent counsel and representation for general officer memorandum of reprimand (GOMAR) rebuttals, written appeals to Discharge Review Boards, and many other administrative processes.

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