Defending Against Charges of Indecent Exposure in the Military

Facing charges of indecent exposure under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) can be overwhelming for service members. Just what is indecent exposure, how severe are the punishments, and what defenses are available? The information here should provide everything you need to defend yourself against this accusation. The Definition of Indecent Exposure Under the … Read more

What is the Brandon Act and How Can it Help Military Members?

Have you heard of the Brandon Act? This legislation “modifies the regulatory requirement for the referral of a member of the Armed Forces for a mental health evaluation. It requires that commanding officers or supervisors make referrals as soon as practicable and that the referral process protect the confidentiality of the member.” The Brandon Act … Read more

Are Service Members Required to Have Certain Vaccines?

Required vaccines are nothing new for the US military. Yet the topic has garnered newfound attention following the COVID-19 vaccination order. Are you considering joining the military, or do you already serve in the Armed Forces? If so, be prepared to adhere to the Department of Defense (DoD) vaccination mandates as part of the requirement … Read more

Army Makes Move for Stricter Social Media Policy

Social media is everywhere now. Every generation, in some aspect, is affected by it. In August, the Department of Defense released its first guideline for social media use. That release acted as the catalyst for other social media reforms to be put into place. Army Announces New Social Media Policy This month the Army also … Read more

How Does Pretrial Confinement Work for Military Members?

When a person is charged with a crime, the judge may order pretrial confinement. The military version of pretrial confinement shares some similarities to civilian rules, but there are some notable differences. By understanding how pretrial confinement works for military members, you’ll know what to expect if this has been imposed on you. How Pretrial … Read more

Why Service Members Should Stay Silent When Arrested

If you have been arrested while serving in the Armed Forces, your military career and livelihood may be on the line. How well you know your rights and even how you conduct yourself immediately following your arrest could greatly impact how your case plays out. That’s why you should know about your right to remain … Read more

Do Military Personnel Need to Follow the COVID Vaccination Order?

Our brave men and women in uniform have dedicated themselves to protecting the country against grave threats to national defense. The question on everyone’s minds is whether military personnel should be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine to guard against a microscopic threat to their personal health. And once a full mandate is in place, … Read more

Joseph L. Jordan: Military Defense Attorney with a Global Perspective

Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, is based out of Killeen, Texas, with a strong presence at Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood). Even so, our military defense attorneys represent brave men and women from all five branches of the military, no matter where they’re stationed around the world. So whether you’re a Soldier, Sailor, Coast Guardsman, … Read more


The Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) has recently overruled a decision in United States v. Lancaster that removed punishment from using prescription drugs for any purpose other than the treatment of the illness or injury for which they were originally prescribed by a physician. The new statement labels the previous decision as “erroneous” and “contrary” … Read more