Article 15 – Adverse Military Administrative Actions – LOSS OF ONE STRIPE (U.S. Army v. SGT – Fort Drum, NY)

U.S. Army v. SGT (Article 15)

Fort Drum, NY

After receiving his initial Article 15 reading and attempting to complete his rebuttal on his own, our client contacted and hired us. This NCO was charged with wrongful use of marijuana. Up front this case does not seem easy to rebut; however, our client had some meditating factors. When the SGT had went home for leave he visited a friend. The friend had made brownies laced with marijuana unknowingly to our client. Our client consumed the brownies and later came up positive for a company wide urinalysis. Mr. Jordan consulted with our toxicologist that reviewed, confirmed, and wrote a letter in support of our clients statement. This toxicologist letter, with our clients sincere apology, our legal statement to the commander, and character letters were submitted to the Field Grade Officer at his second Article 15 reading.

U.S. Army v. SSG (Article 15)

Result: This SGT lost one stripe; however, was not issued extra duty, restriction forfeiture of pay, or recommended for administrative separation. Things could have been a lot worse for the NCO, but he was able to remain in the Army and the ability to earn his stripes back.

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