GOMOR – Adverse Military Administrative Actions – LOCALLY FILED (U.S. Army v. CPT/ O-3 – Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood), Texas)

U.S. Army v. CPT/ O-3 (GOMOR)

Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood), Texas

Our client contacted us after he had been interrogated several times by an investigation team regarding potential secret documents brought home from deployment. We advised our client to cease all communication with the investigative team and to take the nickel from this point forward. Our client did as directed, the interrogations stopped, and the investigation was complete a few months later. The commanding general issued him a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) for his potential mishandling of the secret documents. After considering all evidence brought forth, Mr. Jordan drafted an apology statement for the CPT’s review and signature. The apology statement and character witness statements were submitted to the chain of command for their recommendations to the commanding general for his disposition of the GOMOR.

Result: The General then ordered that the GOMOR be filed in the CPT’s local file. The CPT was not issued a bad OER either. This result has far wider affects for this officer’s career. If the GOMOR had been filed in his official file, then a Board of Inquiry would have been ordered and this officer would have had to show cause why he should be retained in the Army. By securing a locally filed GOMOR on behalf of this officer, he will not be subjected to the stigma and headache of a Board of Inquiry.

Mr.Jordan has an established reputation as an aggressive military defense attorney who has successfully fought for justice for his clients in sexual assault/ rape cases, UCMJ violations and more.




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