Administrative Separation Board – Adverse Military Administrative Actions – HON DISCHARGE

US v. E-7 (Administrative Separation Board for patterns of misconduct)

Wiesbaden, Germany

Client had ended up working in a very hostile work environment. The claim was that he was the individual making it a hostile work environment, however it was not true. His subordinates filed complaints leading to one of several reasons for the adverse separation board. Additionally the client had been accused by a State for child abuse. The State dropped those charges, yet the Army saw fit to attempt to pursue them…unsuccessfully.

During the board the defense team was able to successfully outline that Client had a number of severe mental health issues that led to much of his conduct.

Result: Honorable Discharge due to Medical Reasons. Board recommended General Discharge, however the defense was able to successfully advocate to the Commanding General that the medical discharge was more appropriate in our clients case.

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