Bri’onte Dunn, a former Ohio State running back, was acquitted by a jury of two charges of rape last week. He had been accused by a previous lover of forcing himself upon her, but he denied the accusations up-and-down, refusing any offerings of a plea deal. If convicted, he could have spent decades in prison. However, the case took a dramatic turn after his accuser admitted to falsifying the claims of rape. A jury deliberated before coming back with a not guilty verdict, naming Mr. Dunn a free, innocent man once again.

(You can learn more about this ongoing story by clicking here and reading a full article from The Columbus Dispatch.)


While the story of a single man being acquitted of rape might not seem newsworthy at first, it is important to see the overall situation that has unfolded. Mr. Dunn nearly lost his freedom for decades and had his life virtually destroyed by someone who decided to lie about an incident for no clear reason. He narrowly escaped an unjust case result because his accuser apparently could no longer bear the guilt of her fabrications. Had she decided to stay quiet, it is quite likely he would have been convicted and sentenced to some degree, and he would have become one of so many other men who have been falsely accused of rape and convicted all the same.

This is a known, growing problem in the United States Armed Forces as well. Military service men are accused of rape and sexual assault by women at an inordinately higher rate than essentially every other male demographic in America. It would not be a farfetched stretch to assume that many of these accusations have been falsified by a jilted lover to try to get some sort of revenge for perceived wrongdoings. After all, so many people were sure Mr. Dunn was guilty despite there being no concrete evidence whatsoever of a rape occurring.

If there is a lesson to learn directly from the Bri’onte Dunn case that can be taken to other forms of criminal justice, then it is that circumstantial evidence and hearsay cannot be deemed enough to secure a rape conviction, or possibly to even bring forth sexual assault charges in the first place. Allowing such loose circumstances to drag an innocent man so deeply into the criminal justice system and so close to the edge of conviction is simply an inexcusable injustice.


Attorney Joseph L. Jordan is all-too-familiar with the damage that falsified sexual assault charges can bring to an honest, upstanding military service member, for he has successfully represented the wrongfully accused numerous times. In some recent case results, he has protected the rights of his clients who could have lost rank, been dishonorably discharged, fined, and imprisoned if convicted of sexual assault. He was even successful in getting a case dropped before charges could be brought against a female service member who had been falsely accused by another woman. In his practice, 9 alleged victims have declined to participate in trials mere weeks to leading up to trial. These alleged victims declined to participate because of the hard work and dedication that Mr. Jordan and his legal team in digging up facts showing the allegations to be false.

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