What's key in preparation for a court-martial is your ability to deconstruct the case. Break it down to its essential elements and see where your avenues of approach to victory are. And coupled with that is your ability and willingness to actually believe the client. In the port marshal process we have to prepare the sentencing case concurrent with the actual merits of the trial, because the court-martial process, if there is any finding of guilty on any other charges on the charge sheet, then they move right into the sentencing case. It's not like in state court or federal court where it'll be a couple of weeks or a couple of months and then you have the sentencing. We have to do that right after. So a lot of times clients don't understand that. But Tasha does a great job of telling the client and under helping them understand we have to do this. My career means so much to me because I am able to help people. Whatever that may be, just listening to their full story. Reviewing their case, giving the details of what can be done. What we can do for them. One of the things that sets us apart is that we actually have a staff that is involved. I don't think there's too many firms that do more partial defense and have a dedicated paralegal and a dedicated office manager. Actually sit there and work with the client and help develop the client's case. That's what we do and we bring that to bear for every single client that we have. So it doesn't matter where I'm at in the world if yo